Spring MVC framework is widely used for java web applications. We have earlier seen how Spring Dependency Injection works and in this tutorial we will learn how to create a simple web application using Spring MVC framework. I would use STS for Spring MVC tutorial and other future tutorials because it makes a developer life easier by providing the following features:. Looking at all the features STS provide, I was sold for this and decided to use it for Spring application and till now I am very happy with it. I am using STS 3.

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One of the most popular Java frameworks for developing web applications is Spring. With Spring MVC , this support is built-in. You are not bound to any container life cycle that you need to manipulate. Below topics are covered in this article:. It is a Java framework which is used to build web applications.

It follows the Model-View-Controller design pattern. Not just that, it also implements all the basic features of a core Spring Framework like Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection. After that, the Controller returns an object of ModelAndView. Finally, the DispatcherServlet checks the entry of view resolver in the XML file and then invokes the specified view component.

That was all about the workflow of Spring MVC. To create a Spring MVC application, you need to follow the below steps:. Create a Maven Project and add the Spring Dependencies into the pom. The directory structure of your project should look like as shown below:. Your pom. You can also copy and paste the required jar files dependency code from the maven repository. After this, the next step is to create a Controller class.

The Controller annotation marks this class as Controller. This file will take the mappings and the URL pattern for executing the program. This file is necessary to specify the View components. In this, the context:component-scan element defines the base-package where DispatcherServlet will search the Controller class. This is the simple JSP page , in which I will perform addition of 2 numbers. After all this, you can run the program by starting the server.

You will get the desired output. Take a look at the below snap-shot to refer the output:. Once you hit the submit button, the result will be displayed on the screen. Lightweight: As Spring is a lightweight framework, there will not be any performance issues in Spring-based web application.

Secure: Most of the online banking web applications are developed using Spring MVC because it is highly secure. For enterprise-grade security implementation, Spring security is a great API.

Role Separation: It comprises of a separate class for specific roles like Model, Command, Validator, etc. I tried my best to keep the concepts short and clear. Got a question for us? Please mention it in the comments section of Spring MVC Tutorial article and we will get back to you. Already have an account?

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Spring MVC Tutorial – Everything You Need To Know

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Spring MVC Framework Tutorial

Spring 2. In this article I will show how to use most of them to easily map requests to URLs, bind request parameters to method parameters, etc. The request hits servlet container which determines that the URL is mapped to spring dispatcher servlet. The servlet searches for request handler using the mappings configured either through XML or in code using annotations. A handler adapter is determined for the handler. Handler adapter "knows" how to process a request using the handler.


Spring MVC Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create user registration application in Spring MVC. This application is not backed with the database. But you can easily modify the Controller class and add database capability and then save the user information into database. This is the next step towards learning Spring MVC.

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