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Or sign up with email. Already a member? Log in. Meetup members, Log in. COVID advisory For the health and safety of Meetup communities, we're advising that all events be hosted online in the coming weeks. Learn more. Start a new group. Sign up. Hi all. Well I guess my suggested high level adventure wasn't all that popular. Its a 1st level adventure based upon a 3. The adventure will be a combination of investigation, dungeon crawling and combat and should hopefully suit new and more experienced players alike.

I estimate that it might take something like 20 weeks to run but that IS only an estimate. The game is set in the mysterious Valley of Obelisks a large valley several hundred miles wide. The valley is studded with settlements ranging from tiny hamlets to large towns. In between are large forests and hills and the area is bordered by steep mountains. Although the most common race living here are humans, a wide variety of races live here from halflings to elves, dwarves to tieflings and I will allow any race in the core rule books maybe outside core rules if it doesn't sound too broken.

A wide range of different classes exist in the valley as well from fighters to wizards and again I will allow any class except for psionic based classes - I am not keen on psionic powers from the core rules again maybe outside core rules if it doesn't sound too broken. The Valley of Obilisks is well named; dotted throughout are mysterious foot black obelisks.

They are very old, perhaps centuries old, and their exact purpose is unknown. There are two different factions of note in the valley; the Luminous Order and the Black Cabal. The Luminous Order are a sort of quasi-religious though it is open to any class not just clerics and paladins police force. They exist to uphold justice and root out evil.

The Ebon Cabal, on the other hand, exist simply to further the knowledge and power of their members. Whilst not actually evil, they nevertheless seek forbidden knowledge and the secrets of ancient occult powers.

The two organisations, whilst not actually at war with one another, certainly do not get on. I would, ideally, like to try out the following house rules: 1. All thunder damage also makes a secondary attack vs. I'm less fussed about trying these: 8. Some kind of negative effect on a critical miss possibly role to see if you hit yourself?

Area and close attacks that do damage effect all creatures within the target area, not just enemies - ADOPTED None of this is set in stone but I would really like to find players who are keen to experiment a bit. That said, I do not want to put off beginning players who are completely new to the game so I am happy to leave changing rules if beginning players would feel more comfortable. Here is map of the Valley of Obelisks :. Hey I'd really like to encourage some interest in this adventure; I think it looks really cool and would suit beginning and more experience players alike.

Well, it does sound interesting, but I got a full plate right now.. Thanks Wes. I hope I can drum up some interest! Ah go on chaps; give it a go! Its very rare that I end up killing all the PCs even rarer that I kill the players! Er I did once write that- oops! Very happy to answer any questions you might have or provide more information if it would help give more idea about the game. Hi Andy, thanks for the invite Just some questions, how many players and when are you planning to start it?

And in what day will the sessions be, saturday, sunday or monday? Ah a willing victim er I mean "customer"; excellent! Seriously, thanks very much for replying so quickly.

Please see my response below to your questions: Hi Andy, thanks for the invite Thanks; sorry for "pouncing" on you like that and potentially poaching you from Zander's game! Well, look, ideally I'd like to try out the House Rules because I like 4th edition but feel that it needs some "tweaks". The AC change is probably fairly near the top of my list as I have never really liked the way AC works. However, I don't want to put people off by insisting on making changes so if people really object then we don't have to.

Even if we do try some changes, I promise not to stubbornly persist with any that clearly aren't working and we may find that that's the case. Just some questions, how many players Well I think a minimum of three I don't think it works so well with 2 players and ideally not more than 6. If you know anybody else who might be interested please let me know! As soon as I have sufficient players. Ideally in the next week or so. However, I will be away first weekend in April and possibly the week before.

No that's not necessary. In fact, because I like to keep the game as "real" as possible as others who have played with me will know, I abhor meta-gaming I'll only need to know about your race, class, features of your character race, class, age, religion etc and some background i. I don't feel I need to know hit points, attack bonus etc. But I'd prefer you let me know that in private its up to you how much or little information you wish to share with other players rather than posting on the board.

I do encourage development of all of the traits of your character age, gender, sub-race i. Happy to explain more about this but don't want to overload you! Ideally Sundays but I could manage some Saturdays. Mondays are probably out because of work. I hope this answers your questions but I'm happy to clarify if not. I suppose the most fundamental thing about my role-playing style is that I like the game to be as believable as possible; characters don't think in terms of hit points, AC etc.

I really encourage good descriptions of what a character is doing especially in combat. Just to add that I do have an alternative adventure, Terror of the Twins, that I was suggesting.

That would be a higher 12th level adventure but shorter. I would be quite happy running either. Powered by mvnForum. About us…. View The Leadership Team. Social Meetings 9, Members. Sign up Meetup members, Log in. Your name. Your name will be public. Sign up using Facebook. We use cookies to offer you a better experience and analyze site traffic. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to this use of cookies. Manage cookies. Edited by Andy on Apr 1, PM.

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Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde - Anyone?

Centuries ago, forces of good and evil collided in a titanic battle at the mountain fortress of Slaughtergarde. Armies of mortals and angels and defeated a rampaging demon horde, banished its demon prince, and tore Slaughtergarde apart, hurling it back into the Abyss. However the destruction of Slaughtergarde was incomplete. Parts of the fortress were embedded underneath the Valley of Obelisks, buried for all time.


Sell Me/Repel Me from The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde

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