Tolkien , edited and published posthumously by his son, Christopher Tolkien , in with assistance from Guy Gavriel Kay. After the success of The Hobbit , Tolkien's publisher requested a sequel, but rejected a draft of The Silmarillion as obscure and "too Celtic"; he developed The Lord of the Rings instead. The Silmarillion has five parts. The next section, Quenta Silmarillion , which forms the bulk of the collection, chronicles the history of the events before and during the First Age , including the wars over the Silmarils that gave the book its title. The final part, Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age , is a brief account of the circumstances which led to and were presented in The Lord of the Rings. The five parts were initially separate works, but it was the elder Tolkien's express wish that they be published together.

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Ready for the last leg of the adventure? Want to catch up on The Silmarillion so far? Check out the Silmarillion Recaps page here. The Elves had been given a choice to either stay in Middle-earth or head towards Valinor. Some Elves packed up their belongings and crossed the Sea without delay. All the old ones were destroyed years ago. Sauron had also been given a choice. Now that Morgoth was banished forever, Sauron plead with the Valar and tried to put away his old, evil ways.

And just as they did with Morgoth towards the beginning of The Silmarillion , the Valar believed Sauron and left him alone. However, alone is probably the last place anyone should have left Sauron. After behaving for a while, he decided that the Valar had abandoned Middle-earth and that he should rule over the place instead. Men were easy to subjugate.

At first, Sauron tries to use his wiles to befriend the Elves so that he can use them for their power and hopefully destroy them. Instead of just calling himself Sauron, he uses the name Annatar, Lord of Gifts. Little do they know how much they are manipulated by him as he tells them lies about Gil-galad and Elrond shortchanging them and how they can make Middle-earth as great as Valinor if they just work together. Because they are frustrated with the way things are, they gladly accept the knowledge and skills that Sauron has to offer.

They also help him with his master plan: creating the Rings of Power. Not the best move the Noldor could make…. Finally, the Elves sit on the shore of Middle-earth, waiting to be taken to Valinor. But the Vanyar the Fair Elves and the Noldor the Deep Elves are all packed and ready to take an island dragged by Ulmo member of the Valar and lord of the seas to their new home.

The Teleri. Unfortunately, the whole group misses the boat or, more accurately, island to Valinor. As a young man, he has a rough life. He avoids his step-mother and half-brothers by taking his wife, Nerdanel, with him to live far away from them, where he can spend most of his time crafting or working with gems. Melkor keeps up appearances, though, by befriending the Elves whom he secretly abhors because they are responsible for his imprisonment in the first place.

But neither of them could guess what would come of the relationship in the end. Now that Melkor is captured, the Valar have a decision to make and its outcome will shape the future in ways they never would have foreseen. And once they received news that the Elves also called the Firstborn appeared in Middle-earth, they stretched their resources to protect them from Melkor and his evil servants: Orcs, Balrogs, and Sauron himself.

And who could blame them? But they had only seen the rest of the Valar while they were on their way to war with Melkor.

That was more than enough for some of them, thank you very much. This results in the first major split between the Elves. Not just any girl. They fall in love and he chooses to stay with her in Middle-earth. This couple will be very important in just a few chapters. Come back next week for new cities, more names that require a rudimentary understanding of linguistics, and swan-powered ships. Not the best move the Noldor could make… — Next time, Sauron likes it so he decides to put a Ring on it… and immediately regrets it.

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Quenta Silmarillion

Ready for the last leg of the adventure? Want to catch up on The Silmarillion so far? Check out the Silmarillion Recaps page here. The Elves had been given a choice to either stay in Middle-earth or head towards Valinor. Some Elves packed up their belongings and crossed the Sea without delay.


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By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog. The Tale of the Silmarils introduces readers to many of the themes found in the Lord of the Rings LOTR : the lust for power, the struggle against an evil lord, the frailty of men and elves , war, and ultimate redemption. The Quenta Silmarillion QS raises several questions which are interesting in the philosophy of religion. I say religion deliberately as the QS offers a rather useful view of the construction and development of myth, sacred or otherwise. Obviously Tolkienism is not a religion: His sub-creative sojourn in Faerie is consciously fictional but the creation itself is, I think, in some ways true. More basically, his is also simply the construction of a story, which is how most religions begin. More on this here.



Quenta Silmarillion is a collection of fictional legends written by J. As Tolkien did not finish it, the collection was completed by his son Christopher with assistance of the young Guy Gavriel Kay. The title Quenta Silmarillion is translated as "the Tale of the Silmarils". The Quenta Silmarillion is the third part of the The Silmarillion.


Tolkien: The Quenta Silmarillion

You are welcome to take part in an unusual and exciting project! Your Quenya and Sindarin text can be added to the list of tales see below , that according to Charles E. If you want to see The Silmarillion as it could be in Middle-earth send us your Quenya or Silmarillion translation. First the most famous Elvish linguists will be asked for their opinion about the text and than we will add your composition to this collection! Some fragments of The Silmarillion tales can be already read.

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