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A prospective study of the demographic and epidemiologic characteristics of patients with liver cirrhosis at the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara within a period of one year. Material and methods. A total of patients 48 women, and men from the Departments of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Liver Clinic were studied. Diagnosis of liver cirrhosis had been previously established based on clinical, biochemical or histopathological information.

Additionally, a questionnaire specialized on liver diseases was applied to all patients. Complications were mostly gastrointestinal bleeding, ascitis and hepatic encephalopathy. Differences between sexes were observed for various characteristics. Alcoholism was by far the most frequent cause of liver cirrhosis.

The second cause, in women, was of viral origin A national committee of vigilance of liver diseases is proposed to generate more complete and detailed information on the epidemiology of liver cirrhosis.

Los casos positivos fueron confirmados en un segundo laboratorio. Los lugares de procedencia de los pacientes fueron: la zona metropolitana de la ciudad de Guadalajara y municipios circundantes El grado de escolaridad fue de Mortalidad Principales causas de mortalidad general.

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Nutr Res ; Bach N. The significance of alcoholic liver disease to contemporary clinical hepatology. Solicitud de sobretiros: Dr. Octavio Campollo. Apartado Postal S. En mujeres la segunda causa fue la viral





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