Pages: [1]. MarianLiliac Guest. Dual power supply. Greetings, I built a reef controller and as always I would like to add a pH probe. The op. What is the simplest way to build a dual power for a few mAmps?

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Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by tommiy, Jun 27, Connect with us. Electronics Forums. Search Forums Recent Posts. Scroll to continue with content. Jun 27, 1. I've been looking for a week now and it appears there isn't such a beast on the net. I've tried all the normal suspect places but it appears that this doesn't exist Can anyone help out? Jun 27, 2. Jun 27, 3. Thanks Graham, Don't suppose you know where a data sheet is for the thing do you? Appears NS doesn't even acknowledge they existed anymore.

Jun 27, 4. Jun 30, 5. Graham, After the datasheet for it. Tried checking almost every online source for this and it appears its a big hole I found an incomplete set for a lm but its missing the Icl curves etc. If you could scan them or know somewhere online to get it it would be appreciated. Interesting I have an linear book an AN book and its not in either of these Jun 30, 6. Jul 1, 7. Jul 1, 8. Graham, I'm not going to even waste my time with you. If you don't want to assist why add the sarcastic remarks.

The request was in the title in the first place. Jul 1, 9. Well, there's gratitude for you. I tell the guy that there are two 14 pin dil packs having different pinouts and he thinks I'm being sarcastic. I volunteer to look up any info he really wants to know and he thinks I'm a waste of time. He top posts like I have just done because I'm fed up with offering clues that he should post at the bottom and thinks the world owes him a solution.

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LM326 Datasheet

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