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Quick Links. Download this manual. Please read this manual carefully before operating. Table of Contents. Page 3 Refer servicing to qualified personnel only. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power- supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been Read these instructions. Because high level of current directions safely use flows on the device, it is dangerous to do the product It can cause a fire, an electric shock or an injury.

Page 6 Electronics. Page 7 When disposing the battery, follow the direction of the manufacturer. Page 8: Table Of Contents Monitor Screen Components System Setting System Rear side PTZ Control Remote Controller Page 9 Check before requesting for Time search service Event Search Backup Initial setting list for factory default Page Before Use Before use Before use Page Rear Side Before use It outputs the same video as MAIN output.

Page Remote Controller Before use Number keys This is used to input channel or values. Minus - This is used to decrease setting values. Refer to the user manual of the camera or other external device for addition information on connection methods. Connect the BNC type monitor. The same video output as VGA. Connect the camera for coaxial connection. Connect the Connect the network cable. Page Sensor Input Connection Before use Sensor Input connection Sensor input 1 Connect one of the signal cables 2 cables of various sensors IR sensor, heat ray detector, magnetic etc.

Page Hard Disk Installation Before use Be careful not to cause an impact from the tools and hard disk used for the installation. Also the hard disk may not be recognized or operated properly due to incorrect installation and setting. Page 19 Tighten the screws.

After installing the hard disk, you must format the hard disk from the setting menu. If a hard disk is not connected, this device may not operate normally. Recommended list of hard disk Hard disks of below are the ones proved to be compatible through experiment.

Please refer to when adding or replacing the hard disk. Page Functional Description Functional description Functional description Operation Start Up 1. Turn on this device, then it boots with power indicator light turned on. Pressing button, then the login window would be displayed. Click password input area, you will see the screen keypad as right. Input password by using virtual keypad on screen. Shutdown 1. Page Monitor Screen Functional description E [System control toolbar] c d e f g Page System Setting Functional description System Setting System setting can be configured by setup menu.

Only admin user can setup system configuration by menu. If you click button, the time zone dialog box will be shown as below, and select a time zone, then click OK to change setting. Max 15 cameras supported 1. Page 36 Functional description 6. Page Event Functional description Event You can specify the processing when event occurs like sensor, motion detection, video loss, and the email notification settings when event occurs. Page Network Functional description Network You can set the network environments.

Page Information Functional description Information You can view the general system information and run software update. It takes about 5 seconds to recognize USB memory device after connected. Then it will stop traversing. NOTE The tour which is working will be stop after the setting is changed.

Time search You can search recorded data with date and time. The spin box is shown only when data are duplicated at the same time stamp, which is caused when daylight saving period.

Event Search You can search recorded data using event occurrence time. Click mouse on the icon of the menu bar which is located in the lower position of the search mode screen.

Page 51 Functional description E. Select a data to search from the list. Click the mouse button to move to the corresponding recorded data. Bookmark You can access the bookmarked time directly without going through the search. Page Backup B.

Select a device to backup data will be stored. Select media type. Page 53 Functional description How to cancel backup b If you press button when backup is running, the selection message will be shown as below.

The older data is the smaller number. Page Web Viewer Set up the network before the installation. Web viewer installation 1. When you click on the Active X install button, the following window will be displayed. Press the Page 56 Web initialization screen will be displayed. General installation recommended 4. Enter the ID and password. Multi-login is not enabled for admin user ID. Page Functional Description Web viewer Pause button Forward play button Backward play button Displaying only key-frame Fast forward play button Starting AVI saving File name is requested when you click on this button.

Specifying time period to save AVI file. Real-time monitoring screen. Check before requesting for service If the following symptoms are observed when using the product, recheck the following.

It may not be a problem. Symptom Checkpoint and resolution Check whether the power plug is correctly plugged. Check whether the voltage of the power supply is correct. I cannot turn on the power of the device If the power cannot be turned even when the power of the Page 64 Reference Symptom Checkpoint and resolution Check the recording setting from the recording setting menu. Check whether the hard disk is recognized from the system Video of camera is displayed information window.

Page 65 Reference Symptom Checkpoint and resolution If there is an issue with the camera connected to the system, connect a different camera to the video input port to check whether the existing camera connected to the system has an issue. Check whether the video cable connecting the device and the camera is damaged. If the spam mail is set, some mails may automatically be deleted or classified into spam mail box etc.

Page Product Specification Reference This manual is also suitable for: Led. Print page 1 Print document 77 pages.


LG LE6016N Owner's Manual


LEY 24083 PDF

Live streaming from LG DVR model LE6016




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