Part Number, KTA. Manufacturer, ETC. Long Description. Last edited by a moderator: For the kt use just about any medium power npn.

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Part Number, KTA. Manufacturer, ETC. Long Description. For the kt use just about any medium power npn. Maybe some of the other folks in here can figure that out. Redbelly98Sep 25, Capacitor, Risistor, Transistors 1. Supplier From Shenzhen, Baoan, China. Sep 21, 1. Your name or email address: Thanks for all your help. My guess is that they are referring using old Soviet designations.

Sep 26, That looks like a pretty old design. C power supply is adapted low voltage circuit system and semiconductor technology. Looks like a ktx down transformer with center-tap. Transistor 4 ampere v 70w pcs tube packing. Find Buyers Find Suppliers. This control system can quickly display fault diagnosis for rapid and effective maintenance.

For the kt you need a power transistor. Supplier From Russian Federation. Sep 23, 7. It would probably be cheaper more efficent and more reliable. This is not used in your schematic at the location shown. Everyone who loves science is here! Sep 23, 9. Sep 21, 4. Junctionless transistor, toshiba transistor, darlington transistor, philips datassheet, sanyo transistor, General purpose transistor, schottky transistor, avalanche transistor, fairchild transistor, on transistor, Infineon transistor, vishay transistor, nec transistor, hitachi transistor, panasonic transistor, Rohm transistor, siemens transistor, sanken transistor, diodes transistor.

Please enter the following text in the box below: Do you want to build for V or V input? If anyone knows where I can find a chart to find the equivalent let me know, mean while I will try to find one myself but maybe one of you guys knows of a good one let me know. The friendliest, high quality science and datashedt community on the planet! Join Physics Forums Today! RSmikhSep 23, Nowadays engineers in Ukraine use exactly the same components as the rest of the world so presumably the schematic is quite old.

Rf power transistors Ericsson, motorola freescalenxp philipsma-com, microsemi, semelab, asi, apt, infineon, sanyo, st, nec, mitsubishi, toshiba, fujitsu, tyco, etc. Transistor T to tob toc to tol toac Tob tof to to-3p to tol tomod tos To sod sod sod sod sot sotl Sotl sotl sot sot sot sot sotl.

You know you could replace the kt, and the 22R resistor, and the kt and the anti-parallel diode all with a single n-channel mosfet!


KT827A Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search



KT817G, KT825E, KT827A


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