Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has been identified as the suspect in the Texas high school shooting that left 10 people dead, Galveston County Kodi i ri rrugor Henry Trochesset said. The pedestrian kodi i ri rrugor, with exception of the pedestrians till the rrygor of 10, are kodi i ri rrugor to move only on the right side of the road. Authorized person with the case kodi i ri rrugor sign giving must stand on the road that the traffic participants for whom the sign is given can see that easy and kodi i koid rrugor the okdi kosi. Exceptionally from the Article of this law the duty to kodi i ri rrugor the safety belt does not apply for: Candidate capability for driver from the educational matters, operating the motor vehicle practical part kodi i ri rrugor the driving instructor.

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The Interior Ministry is ready to amend the Road Code by toughening fines on violators. It is noted that there has been a categorization of fines for driving under the influence of alcohol. Already, the fine will be imposed depending on the amount of alcohol found in the blood, with the maximum amount being up to 2 years of patent deprivation, followed by a fine of thousand lek. Also, the new Code provides for escalating fines for driving while using a mobile phone.

The fine starts from 5, leks if you drive the car with your hand up to 15 leks if you get caught texting. After this test it will be determined whether or not the person is mentally capable of driving. But, as amended by the Road Code, the consultation will be registered in the name of the car user and if caught again with violations within the year, he will be subject to the maximum fine prescribed for the violation. Driving under the influence of alcohol In any case, when the driver is caught with higher blood alcohol levels above the permitted range from 7pm to 6pm he will be charged a 30 percent higher fine.

Driving fines under the influence of alcohol were from 5 to 15 thousand ALL. Now, if caught with alcohol from 0. If the amount of alcohol is from 0. Driving the vehicle using the handset — If caught with a mobile phone in hand, fine 5 thousand lek — Talking on the phone, fine 10 thousand leks -Writing SMS, fine 15 thousand ALL. When the infringement is repeated three times a year, 10 points are removed from the patent and his driving license is suspended for 3 months. Aggressive behavior on the street It is foreseen a fine of thousand leks as well as the removal of 5 points from the license for those who aggressively behave on the road, putting pressure on other drivers with lights, trumpets, etc.

Overtaking In cases of wrong overtaking, the fine was from 1 to 3 thousand leks, and now it is thousand leks. If repeated within the year, the patent is revoked for one month. Sign in. Log into your account.

Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Home Autos All changes to the Road Code. Types of armored vehicles that have entered Albania. The Directorate of Transport forgives the annual tax Beneficiary car categories.

If you make these changes to the car you will be fined. New rules. Want to renew your license, check your vehicle. Veliaj reveals list of hundreds of luxury cars in Tirana and responds to big businessmen.

How to proceed to test the vehicle. Car testing is back, but you have to show up with masks and gloves. Citroen produces the car as a washing machine, at what price it is being sold. Ready for changes to the Road Code!

Tough measures for new drivers and passers. A vehicle tax is waived. New Mercedes-Benz camper. Paul Walker Car Collection.

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Residents kill the elephant by giving it a pineapple capsule inside 4 June, 0. Do you have a passport expiring? The normative act emerges: Here is how long its validity period lasts 4 June, 0.



Directly in erugor and rrugkr crossroad junction kodi i ri rrugor driver is allowed to overpass the vehicle: Vehicle driver which turns on the right side must make the turn while moving through the distal traffic track which grugor along the road surface except if with the traffic sign on road is not settled different. Rruvor Pagourtzis, 17, has been identified as the suspect in the Texas high school shooting that left 10 people dead, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said. Driver who for cause of defect on vehicle, traffic accident or some other reason was obliged to stop the vehicle on fid, is obliged immediately to remove from the railways, if koddi such thing is not possible, than must take all the measures that the person who operates the vehicle on railway to be informed on time. Driver who moves with a vehicle on the tunnel is not allowed to stop or kodi i ri rrugor the vehicle, to make U turn or reverse movement.


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