Unless otherwise indicated, the formats and procedures in this document are mandatory for the Joint Staff, all combatant commands, Services, and combat support agencies responsive to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Procedures. Restricted access administrative policies designed to provide the level of planning security required by a supported command are explained in the following paragraphs. The initiator of the plan must assign the classification.

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Create Account. Additional Military Flashcards. Term 1. Definition a. Term 2. Informational, strategic, diplomatic, and economic. Diplomatic, strategic, informational, and doctrinal. Diplomatic, economic, informational, and military. Economic, diplomatic, strategic, and military. Definition c. Term 3. Definition b. Term 4. Joint force concepts. Operations planning. Security strategy. Definition d. Term 5. Joint doctrine. Basic doctrine. Execution planning. Term 6. Term 7.

Term 8. Joint contingency planning. Joint operations planning. Mobilization planning. Deployment planning. Term 9. Functional d. Term Sustainment, reconstitution, mobilization, and employment. Mobilization, deployment, reconstitution, and sustainment. Employment, sustainment, redeployment, and reconstitution.

Mobilization, deployment, employment, sustainment, and redeployment. Functional directorates. Functional dignitaries. Functional managers. Functional leaders.

Air Force. Citizen Airmen, community connections, and personnel stability. Family, personnel stability, and community connections. Manpower, people, and camaraderie. Talent, depth, and experience. Organize, present, deploy, and sustain. Organize, present, and deploy. Deploy, present, and sustain. Organize and sustain. Air and space expeditionary squadron.

Air and space expeditionary element. Air and space expeditionary group. Air and space expeditionary wing. Air Staff. Joint Staff. Department of Defense DOD. Unit type code UTC. Air expeditionary force AEF. Unit manpower document UMD.

Air and space expeditionary force mapping documents. Time phased force deployment data. Unit type code. Chief of staff. Secretary of defense. Secretary of the Air Force. Increases military capability. Decreases military capability. Military capability stays the same. Enhances the number of Reserve Component forces. C most often used term for mobilization? Having an objective. Ensuring timeliness. Being subjective. Being flexible. Reserve man-days. Guard man-days. Date on the mobilization orders.

Demobilization date authorized from tour completion by the applicable commander. Three duty days. Three calendar days. Five duty days. Five calendar days. Installation deployment function. Personnel readiness function. Unit deployment manager. Local communications may be inoperative or overloaded.

It is easier to go and find people rather than call them on the phone. The communications squadron requires a communications-out recall roster. The wing commander requires all squadrons to maintain a communications-out roster.

Group CAT. Air Force CAT. First Sergeant.


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