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Improving car fuel consumption to reduce greenhouse gas CO 2 emissions as an environmental measure continues to be a global theme in recent years. Japan has established a labeling system as a guideline to promote the widespread use of low fuel consumption tires and has been gradually introducing it since January This labeling system establishes grades for rolling resistance coefficient 5 grades and wet grip performance 4 grades and requires catalogs and websites to display grades for each tire. The introduction of this system has focused attention on tire uniformity machines. A tire uniformity machine is an inspection unit that tire manufacturers use in their final inspections and finishing processes. Since tires are made by layering materials such as rubber, synthetic fibers, and steel cords, there is a lack of uniformity in dimension, weight, and hardness.

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Car shake is a vehicle vibration that occurs when a passenger car runs on a smooth road, and it causes dissatisfaction of a customer who purchased the passenger car. RRO that stands for radial run out is variation of the rim diameter. Tire wheel RFV is measured by using a mass production road wheel, tire RFV is measured by using an accurate measuring road wheel. And the control values are presented to production sectors, tire manufactures and road wheel manufactures. There are some technical papers of tire RFV that is managed by tire manufactures, but there are few technical papers of tire wheel RFV that is managed by car manufactures.

In this study, a mechanical model that can calculate tire wheel RFV were developed to reduce car shake. This model has the following features. This model is based on the complex plane and the Monte Carlo calculations. By using the complex plane, the model can calculate the relationship between tire wheel RFV and the assembly condition. By using the Monte Carlo method, the model can calculate average and standard deviation of tire wheel RFV. Already have an account? Login in here.

Journal home Advance online publication Journal issue About the journal. A mechanical model that can calculate the radial force variation of tire and wheel assembly to reduce the car shake.

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JIS D 4233



JIS D 4233


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