Supplemental materials are not guaranteed for used textbooks or rentals access codes, DVDs, CDs, workbooks. The book serves as a comprehensive overview of the Java programming language. Sections on. The book can be used as a quick reference by practising as well as aspiring software professionals, including Java developers, project managers, and senior architects. Classified into basic, intermediate, and advanced groups based on their level of difficulty, approximately questions are presented in the book. The answers are kept clear and concise.

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Beware of duplicate interview ques- tion books in market with same name. BPB has done a great job of making this book reach to places where i can hardly imagine. But just. If you are from India you can contact one of the shops below E-mail: vbl brain. Ltd, If you are not from india or pakistan London Colney,. Want Want to to buy buy from from online online :- If you want to buy from Amazon. Titlesitles writtenwritten byby ShivprasadShivprasad KoiralaKoirala.

NET Interview questions. NET Projects. Mail Mail bpb bol. Sample JAV. Happy job hunting. The Table of contents is different from what is available in traditional books. So rather than reading through the whole book just look at what questions you feel uncomfortable and revise. Software Company hierarchy. Salary Salary Negotiation Negotiation. Points Points to to remember remember. Interview Interview rating rating Sheet Sheet. Just-in-Time Compilation? What are different properties provided by Object-oriented systems?

How How do do you you implement implement inheritance inheritance in in Java? How How can can we we implement implement polymorphism polymorphism in in Java? What is an Abstract class? What are Abstract methods? Abstract class? Abstract methods? What are packages? What What is is a a constructor constructor in in class? Can Can constructors constructors be be parameterized? What What are are Native Native methods methods in in Java?

How do refer to a. How do refer to a current instance of object? Explain in depth Garbage collector? How does the garbage collector determine that the object has to be marked for deletion? How can we force the garbage collector to run? What are applets? In which package is the applet class located? What are native interfaces in Java? Can you explain the flow between bootstrap, extension and system class loader?

Can you explain how can you practically do dynamic loading? How can you copy one array in to a differentferent array? How can you copy one array in to a different array?

Can you explain the core collection interfaces? Can you explain in brief the collection classes which implement the collection interfaces? How can we obtain an array from an ArrayList class? ArrayList class? Can you explain HashSet class in collections? TreeSet class? How can we access elements of a collection? What is Map and SortedMap Interface? Have you used any collection algorithm? Why do we use collections when we had traditional ways for collection?

Can you name the legacy classes and interface for collections? What is Enumeration Interface? Are String object Immutable, Can you explain the concept? What is Pass by Value and Pass by reference? How does JAVA handle the same?

How does JAVA. What are access modifiers? Can Can you you explain explain the the fundamentals fundamentals of of deep deep and and shallow shallow Cloning? How How do do we we implement implement Shallow Shallow cloning?

How How do do we we implement implement deep deep cloning? What are the situations you will need a constructor to be private? Can Can you you explain explain final final modifier? What are static Initializers?

If we have multiple static initializer blocks how is the sequence handled? Define casting? What are the different types of Casting? Can you explain Widening conversion and Narrowing conversion?

Can we assign parent object to child objects? Define exceptions? Can you explain in short how JAVA exception handling works? Can you explain different exception types? Can you explain checked and unchecked exceptions? Can we create our own exception class? What are chained exceptions? What is serialization? How do we implement serialization actually? Value and Pass by reference?

What is JAVAdoc utility? What is AutoAuto boxingboxing andand unboxing? How much subclasses you can maximum in Inheritance? Can you explain transient and volatile modifiers? What What is is thread thread safety safety and and synchronization? What What is is semaphore? What What are are monitors? How How do do we we create create threads?

Can you explain Thread. How How to to stop stop a a thread? What What is is wait wait and and notify notify? Can you explain how Scheduling and Priority works in threads? Can you explain Yielding in threading? Yielding in threading? How do we implement singlethreaded model in servlets? How does JAVA interact with databases?


JAVA/J2EE Interview Questions



Java/J2EE Interview Questions By Shivprasad Koirala



Java Interview Questions


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