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The answer to all this is the attempt of these lines. This the feeling I get. I am not in the mood to judge literature and not to possess esthetical taste, but this is how I have supper with Cioran: with skulls dancing in paradise, with flesh without shape in Hades. Moreover, I am Romanian of origin, and I know his soul, I know his trend, I know his swings, I feel his heart pulling out energy out of a language that can never sadden serpents. I mean, what is the difference between exhaltation and paroxysm?

The same mad fit, seizure, convulsion, spasm, repulsion. Not much difference. Give me an alternative, Sir Cioran! Give me some kind of a solution! Reality is irrational. I mean, we will get soon to be at war with Saint Maximus the Confessor who will talk forever in the Philokalia about the meanings set by Christ into this world of ours. Staniloae , and find out what hole is Cioran sitting in:. Citind, sau mai degraba recitind Dogmatica Sfantului Ioan Damaschin, m-am oprit putin si m-am asezat mirarii, si-apoi si scrierii minunatiei din slavoslovia Sfantului.

M-a uimit antinomia termenilor, a cuvantarii teologice, si darzenia sfantului de-a glasui. Bucura-te, ca mai totu-i definit in ce-i creat, ce-i necreat, si-n ce-i chiar dincolo de-aceste doua;. Bucura-te , ca-n definirea neasemuirii din Treime, alegi pe Unul din picurul unitatii iudaice si pe cele Trei, din crugul elenismului;.

Bucura-te, zambet ce- unesti din ipostase, ne-amestecand, nedespartind ce parea-a fi in despartire;. Bucura-te, ca stii ca nasterea de sus e in afara timpului, si-a spatiului, si-a-tot ce mintea tot cuprinde;. Bucura-te, ca tu exulti, cand stii ca nasterea de Fiu si purcesul de Duh se fac de-a pururi in aceeasi clipa;.

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