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Dear Students! Add Discussion. This department continued its business up to The Government of Pakistan adopted the Government of India Telegraph act to control and direct the activities of telecommunication.

Pakistan Telegraph and Telephone Department inherited a small telecommunication network consisting of only 12, lines in It was the sole Department responsible for providing telecommunication facilities to whole country.

In fact postal services were also included in its responsibilities. Like all other field of newly born nation, there was no established system of telecommunication, available in the country.

It has its own legal identity totally separated from Government of Pakistan. The P. The idea behind this was to provide better services to its customers. This was established to undertake the telecommunication business formally carried out by Ex-PTC. It was responsible for carrying out all kinds of telecommunications activities in the country.

It was required to look after the existing telecom installations and their automation and development. It was also to under take development program in telecom field. It falls under the preview of Government of Pakistan. It issues licenses to various companies for carry out certain activities. This authority is responsible to monitor the establishment of telecom related firms, companies, the import of telecom equipments etc in the country.

It is a regulatory body formed to accomplish rules and regulations relating to the telecommunication matters. It has been established for installation of telecommunication facilities to the Governmental organizations.

A portion of working lines was initially transferred to N. They are totally independent in providing telephones connections, their look after and generation of revenue there from. The latest development in this regard is that F. It was established to undertake the telecommunication business firmly carried on by Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation PTC. Throughout the year, UFONE pursued a growth strategy and managed to almost double its revenue compared to last year.

UFONE now covers more than cities and towns, prominent highways and caters for international roaming with operators worldwide. Profit after tax increased from Rs. Based on these results a dividend of Rs. It has extensive data transmission capabilities but has been incurring losses due to poor business orientation and excessive overheads. During the year Paknet recorded sales revenue of Rs. The company posted a loss of Rs. The quantum of loss is lower as compared to last year mainly due to reversal of provisions against doubtful debts of Rs.

PTCL as the sole shareholder of Paknet is highly concerned with the poor performance of this subsidiary and is currently undertaking a strategic review of this ISP subsidiary of determine the future course of action.

In spite of these subsidiaries there are following product lines. The Development Regions are normally responsible to accomplish the development and expansion program of the company and after completing the lying of cable, installation, testing, commissioning of equipment, they are liable to hand over the exchange, building, or other installations to the concerned Maintenance Regions. These maintenance regions are further responsible for the look after, up keep and maintenance of these assets.

They are also required to initiate expansion proposals to meet the ever-increasing demand of telephone connections. Each of these wings is headed by EVP. As PTCL is providing its services to its customers all over the country, its entire network has been divided into fifteen regions. Each region is further divided into zones and headed by director. Each director controls a number of divisional engineers. Fixed line connections in the country are more than 5. Currently there are Payphone and over 51, Wireless Payphones.

The PTCL's performance against a key set of parameters is summarized as:. AGM, DY. Note: This figure includes all permanents, contract bases and also appointed under new terms and conditions during the year Corporate Services. Consumer Services. Organizational Structure describes the organization's formal framework or system of communication and authority.

In other words, the organization structure sets forth each principal, management position and helps to define authority, responsibility and accountability. An organization chart is essential to the development of a cost system and cost reports which indicates the responsibilities of individuals for implementing management plans.

So Senior Executive Vice President who are the head of these units generally reports directly to the President. The main purpose of PTCL is allowing them to effectively and efficiently accomplish organizational goals and objectives. Designing an appropriate structure means that managers must decide how to coordinate work activities and efforts both vertically and horizontally.

Organization structure of PTCL can be described as having three components like any other organizations:. The term complexity refers to the amount of differentiation in an organization. The more division of labor there is in an organization, the more vertical levels in the hierarchy and more geographically dispersed the organization's units, the more difficult or complex it is to coordinate people and their activities.

When we analysis the complexity of PTCL, there is big amount about 70, employees and hierarchy is as under:. This is a very large hierarchy, which creates problems for the organizational activities and coordination's.

The result is a slow correspondence between management and officials at lower levels. The Etisalat who control the charge of PTCL is restructuring the organization and the work is under process.

The degree to which an organization relies as rules and procedures to direct the behavior of employees is formalization. The PTCL organization structure operates with standardized guidelines, rules and regulations.

Due to these strict rules and regulations the PTCL organization's structure is more formalized. The term centralization describes where the decision making authority is.

In PTCL, organization decision making is highly centralized at upper levels of management. Problems flow up to senior executives, who decides what, should be done. In some cases, decentralized policy is used and decision making is delegated to lower levels of management.

Which is not correct and creates problems in the creation of long term value aided strategies. The accounting system of PTCL is to comply with requirements of companies' ordianance, and approved Accounting standards comprise of such IASs as notified under the provision of the companies ordinance Generally accounts are prepared and maintained on government pattern as well as commercial pattern on accrual basis of bills receivable and bills payable and also are exhibited the profit and loss account and balance sheet showing the assets and liabilities.

In the Accounting system of organization, proper books of Accounts have been kept by the company as required by the companies' ordinance, The balance sheet and the profit and loss account together with the notes thereon have been drawn up in conformity with the companies' ordinance, The balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statement and statement of changes in equity together matches with approved accounting standards as applicable in Pakistan, and give the information required by the companies ordinance in the manner so required and respectively give a true and fair view of the state of the company's affairs as at June 30 of every year and of the profit, its cash flows and changes in equity for the year then ended.

All financing decisions, capital budgeting decisions and processing on real and financial assets are major responsibilities of finance department of PTCL. Necessary future plans and projects are analyzed and selected as per their positive results i.

Lending and borrowing decisions are also made as per loans, interest rates, time period and lending agencies and banks etc. Necessary sanctions of writeoff and depreciation rate are also issued by the finance department. Finance department also plays a vital role in coordination, with dividend policy matters, internal and external auditors and share registrars. Pensions, insurance, preparation of budget and taxation dealings are also important factors of PTCL finance department.

It also borrows finance from internal and external sources. These raw material, finance and human resources are put in together in different operational activities and revenue is earned. After excluding the costs of different expenses from total revenue, profit or loss is framed for one year. Then net profits are added in company's reserves. As this phenomenon mobilizes of funds is a continuous process. Funds are mainly generated through. As per cash flow from operating activities, different expenses like taxation, depreciation amortization, pension contribution funds, employees retirement benefits, writeoffs and other provisions are excluded to know the profit or loss of the company in a particular year.

Following are the major sources of funds of PTCL. Issued, subscribed and paid up capital. Long term and short term loans from different syndicate's i. Income from operations. Funds from securities. Funds from Gross provident Funds. International telephone represents revenue from foreign networks. In PTCL funds are allocated by a sound system of charts of accounts. All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers are assigned their specific coderange through which necessary budgets and grants are allocated.

All the heads have also their code numbers which is easy to computerize. There are about employees working under the department of Finance. In my opinion, The Finance Department of the Company has complied with all the material requirements of the Code of Corporate Governance.


Internship Report Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Submitted by

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Internship Report on PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Limited)

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Internship Report PTCL Telecommunication Organization

I am very thankful to Almighty Allah who gave me the opportunity, courage and insight to work in a prestigious organization and for His blessings that have brightened in all parts of my lives and my parents whose prayers always supported me in every task. I am grateful to my exceptional and devoted supervisor Mr. I am also thankful to all staff at PTCL, for their valuable guidance and support throughout the internship period. They collectively helped me understand the office environment and how to adhere to the challenges faced in our daily life. Furthermore, I would like to thank Mr. Aamir Siddiqui Manager Budget Control for helping us from the very start and rotating our departments at regular intervals.



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