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Fred Leuchter Quick navigation Mr Irving, take me to AR-Online current issue Leuchter was a professional consultant valued and employed by these prison officials for his professional advice on execution technology, including gas chambers.

He also took forty samples of the fabric of those structures, for forensic and chemical analysis by reputable American laboratories. These laboratories found no significant residues of hydrogen-cyanide compounds except in one structure, which was commonly agreed to have been the building in which the slave labourers' clothing was fumigated with Zyklon B gas. Here there were massive quantities of the poison residue still impregnating the brickwork.

The Leuchter affidavit setting out these findings was introduced to the Toronto court which was hearing the criminal charges against Zundel. For legal reasons, the court refused to allow it to be introduced as an exhibit.

It was later published unamended as The Leuchter Report , and achieved world-wide cult-status. Although completely a-political, Leuchter in consequence became the object of global insults as a "neo-Nazi" and harrassment. In Massachusetts, he was victimised, assaulted, and prosecuted at the instance of local Jewish bodies on the hardly relevant pretext that he had been practicing as an engineer without proper registration as did over half of that state's engineers.

Fred Leuchter was forced out of work, hounded out of his home, and obliged to change his identity and residence. Remove any references and URLs to fredleuchter. Anyone using them now goes to a site in Thailand now. Mysteriously, the new owners are Domain fredleuchter. Fred Leuchter: the Movie "Mr Death" :. Fred Leuchter's website with clips from the Movie "Mr Death" :.

Fred Leuchter. Quick navigation Mr Irving, take me to Leuchter Jr. Leuchter, Jr.

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Informe Leuchter

The Leuchter report is a pseudoscientific [1] document authored by American execution technician Fred A. Leuchter compiled the report in with the intention of investigating the feasibility of mass homicidal gassings at Nazi extermination camps , specifically at Auschwitz. He travelled to the camp, collected multiple pieces of brick from the remains of the crematoria and gas chambers without the camp's permission , brought them back to the United States, and submitted them for chemical analysis. At the trial, Leuchter was called upon to defend the report in the capacity of an expert witness; however during the trial, the court ruled that he had neither the qualifications nor experience to act as such. Leuchter cited the absence of Prussian blue in the homicidal gas chambers to support his view that they could not have been used to gas people. However, residual iron-based cyanide compounds are not a categorical consequence of cyanide exposure.


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