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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Lab2E5 Marcet Boiler. Israr A Mughal. Lab Manual ABSTRACT Marcet Boiler is a bench top unit designed for the demonstration of the basic principal of boiling phenomenon to study the relationship between the pressure and temperature of saturated steam in equilibrium with water.

This experiment was also conducted to demonstrate the vapour pressure curve. Water at room temperature was boiled until Air was removed first to avoid any of inaccuracy. After the heater was turned off and being cooled, the temperature was recorded again until the steam pressure reached atmospheric pressure. The reading of increase and decrease in temperature was being calculated to find temperature at average.

Average temperature at first reading is The graph also shows that the curve of pressure and temperature are directly proportional as the temperature increase with pressure. This occurred maybe because of a few errors during the experiment was conducted. Steam was allowed to come out from the vent valve for about 30seconds before the valve was closed is the main procedure.

Air maybe not completely flowed out from the valve so the reading was not being constantly increased. To demonstrate the relationship between the pressure and temperature of saturated steam in equilibrium with water ii.

To determine the vapour pressure curve. A few changes on the ideal gas equation of state allow its application in the properties of real gas. When energy increases within water, the increasing of activities among the molecules enables the increase in the number of molecule escape from the surface until an equilibrium state is reached. The state of equilibrium depends on the pressure between the water surface and steam.

At lower pressure, the molecules become easier leaving the water surface while less energy required in achieving the state of equilibrium boiling point. The temperature where equilibrium occurs at a given pressure level is called saturated temperature. The Marcet Boiler is used to investigate the relationship between the pressure and temperature of saturated steam in equilibrium with water at all temperature levels between the atmospheric pressure and 10 bars.

HE Marcet boiler which shown in Figure 1 a. Pressure transducer b. Pressure indicator d. Control panel e. Bench f. Bourdon tube pressure gauge g. Temperature sensor h.

Pressure relief valve i. Heater Figure 1: HE Marcet boiler 4. Turn on the power supply switch. If the boiler is initially filled with water, open the valves at the level side tube to check the water level. Pour in additional distilled water if necessary. Then, close the valves. Open the valve at feed port and turn on the heater. Lab Manual Important: Always make sure that the valves at the level sight tube are closed before turning on the heater as the sight tube is not designed to withstand high pressure and temperature.

Observe the steam temperature rising as the water boils. Allow steam to come out from the valve for about 30 seconds, and then close the valve.

This step is important to remove air from the boiler as the accuracy of the experimental results will be significantly affected when air is present. Record the steam temperature and pressure when the boiler is heated until the steam pressure reaches 10 bar abs. Warning: Never open the valves when the boiler is heated as pressurized steam can cause severe injury.

Then, turn off the heater and the steam temperature and pressure will begin to drop. Allow boiler cool down to room temperature. Record the steam temperatures at different pressure readings when the boiler is heated and cooled. Switch off the heater and allow the boiler temperature to drop. Note: Do not open the valve at the water inlet port as it is highly pressurized at high temperature. Prepare a graph with temperature, T against absolute pressure, P.

Give the reason why it is necessary to remove air from the boiler at the beginning of the experiment. Comment on any discrepancy and sources of error of the experiment. Discuss the liquid and vapor behavior observed through the experiment and list some examples of its industrial applications. He made this boiler for measuring the vapor pressure of saturated liquid. Later this Marcet boiler was used to study the evaporation filtration of water.

Pressure and temperature are two fundamental quantities of materials in thermodynamics. These two factors have relation directly proportional to each other. If the steam are not allowed to escape from the container, their internal pressure will increase. Because, when the liquid becomes gas by heating, the internal molecular energy will increase and the atoms will be more excited. All the excited atoms will hit each other and split with more speed or velocities.

As their mass remains constant, so their forces on each other will increases. And when their forces on them increases, and are not allowed to occupy more area, they exerts pressure on the container, which gradually increases with temperature. Hence it is calculated and proved from the graph, that temperature is directly proportional to the pressure.

That is done in closed system It is important to remove gas at the beginning to avoid the flaws of reading due to pressure difference. Marcet boiler is being used as water boiler, gasifier, power plant, cooking utensils, steam plant industries, etc Conculsion: From the experiment, it is found from the graph and calculation, temperature of a saturated steam is directly proportional to the pressure in equilibrium with water. The percentage error on the experiment for first two values were found higher than those third value and onward.

This happened due to take improper reading from the pressure gauze and some technical fault. This happened due to taking the two figure after decimal, which reduce the contrast of the reading. Disgracing some negligible faults, this experiment can be consider successful, to improve the result of the experiment, it should be carried out at room temperature switching off all the air-conditions, and also by repeating the experiment and taking the average value.

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marcet boiler industrial application

What are the industrial applications of a marcet boiler? Whychoose ZG as marcet boiler industrial application manufacturer? Practical application of marcet boiler experiment examples of its industrial applications. Applications of Marcet Boiler 3. How about thequality of marcet boiler experiment? Update Cancel. Abstract This experiment was carried out to determine the relationshipbetween the pressure and Applications of Marcet Boiler include water Practical application of marcet boiler experiment — Answers Practical application of marcet boiler experiment?


example marcet boiler in industrial application

They are used anywhere steam or hot water is required, such as in cement production, and can be used also to run a steam turbine or reciprocating steam engine, where rotational energy is needed, such as to generate electricity. In many industries, boiler applications are indispensable. Hot water boilers can be used for heating and hot water supply such as bathing hot water. Can be used in schools, hotels, urban heating systems, office buildings, accommodation areas, farms, planting greenhouses. Steam boilers can be used for heating, cooling, cleaning, humidification, etc. Steam boilers can be used in food processing industry, feed industry, textile industry, paper industry, building materials, metal smelting, heating engineering, etc.


industrial applications of marcet boiler experiment

We manufacture, installs and repair steam generating boilers. These come in a range of vertical boilers as well as D type boilers. Our Boiler Design allows you to maximise the use of space and boiler fuel efficiency. In Steam Boiler models, copper or brass is often made use of due to the fact that manufactured quicker in smaller type boilers. Historically, copper was frequently utilized for fireboxes specifically for steam locomotives , due to the fact that of its much better formability and a higher thermal conductivity; however, recent developments in technology point to use of cheaper alternative materials, such as steel, this is due to the cost of copper which makes it a less economic option. The pressure vessel of a boiler was traditionally made of wrought iron, these days they are generally made of Alloy Stainless Steel, the austenitic types are not used in wetted parts of boilers due to deterioration and tension corrosion splitting. However, ferritic stainless steel is commonly utilized in superheater areas that will certainly not be exposed to boiling water, and electrically-heated stainless steel shell boilers are permitted.

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