The iCharger B is an accurate and feature-packed W charger for charging and balancing up to 8s packs. One of the great features of the iCharger range of battery chargers is their internal resistance IR measurement, which allows you to monitoring reductions or increases in the IR of the cells in your Li-Po battery to better understand how your pack is performing. If purchasing a balance adaptor board, please remember to add the appropriate connection lead option. Please note: Balance boards and power-supply are not included with the charger. Write a review. All items are shipped worldwide from our UK warehouse.

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Input voltage range:. Charge current range:. Discharge current range:. Maximum charge power capacity:. Maximum discharge power capacity:.

Maximum extern discharge power capacity:. Current drain for balancing:. Balance accuracy:. Pb battery cell count:.

Log Files storage:. Intelligent temperature control:. PC Connect:. USB port. External controls and connections. Special features. This not only saves power and reduces heat build up but also makes the charger more compact and conveniently mobile.

T he output power can be adjusted to align with the available input power, thus prevent ting input current overload and protecting the DC source. For Pb batteries: charging and discharging. The users can transfer these data to logview for analyzing and plotting when it is necessary. When you use other equipment to charge or discharge a Lithium pack, you can use the iCharger to monitor the per-cell voltages, battery temperature and process time. If any individual cell appears over-charged or over-discharged or the pack is too hot or the process has gone on for too long, the iCharger will generate an alarm sound and the related information will blink.

In th, is mode, the charger acts as a convenient power supply for a hot wire foam cutter. The iCharger can not only measure the internal resistance of the battery pack, and also can measure the per-cell internal resistance only available for lithium battery. The iCharger has protection for reversed polarity input or output , low input voltage, battery temperature, charging capacity and time overrun.

User's Manual.


iCharger 208B Manuals

Input voltage range:. Charge current range:. Discharge current range:. Maximum charge power capacity:. Maximum discharge power capacity:. Maximum extern discharge power capacity:.


ProgressiveRC 208B iCharger User Manual

The iCharger brand of chargers by Junsi aka HillRC is a relatively new kid on the block that has been getting a lot of attention for their high powered chargers combined with a small physical size and aggressive pricing. Another reason they caught my eye was their thread on RCGroups where they listen to customer feedback and use the feedback to fix bugs and add features. Prior to this the only other charger manufacturer that I knew of that openly listened to customer feedback was FMA. As you can see by the picture immediately below, the iCharger B is only slightly larger than the FMA Multi4 yet boasts seven times the power and twice the output cell count. The PC interface is simply a USB cable which at first glance appears to be a great idea as we all have tons of them around and won't need to store yet another specialized cable, but it turns out that this is a somewhat special USB cable so you still need to keep track of it and only use it on the iCharger. The iCharger B is designed and manufactured in China which in and of its self does not dictate a low quality product, but as will be shown later there is plenty of room for improvement. Should your B need serviced or replaced your first point of contact is the retailer that you purchased the unit from.

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