Raw data files in HyPack are used to store all incoming data with high precision timestamps. Hydromagic allows users to import projects previously recorded in HyPack. All file formats which Hydromagic is able to convert to raw data files, can be imported through the raw data import wizard. The first page of the wizard allows you to set the format of the file s we wish to import.

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The echosounders come with SounderSuite-USB, a software package of programs for control and recording of data files. These programs communicate with the echosounder through a USB interface. PostSurvey, the program for displaying and printing recorded data, does not need an echosounder to be installed on the system to operate.

The EchoControl program can record all 4 data file types simultaneously allowing the user a wide range of options for interacting with third party survey software. The PostSurvey program will read echogram data from.

PostSurvey also allows users to print the data to any Windows printer including ink-jet printers and laser printers. One record is written to disk for each ping. Each record is terminated with CR, LF. The EchoControl program includes a control box which permits the user to select the data fields to be included in this record, from a list of more than 20 choices. These include typical data such as the digitized depth values for each frequencies, latitude and longitude if the echosounder is connected to a GPS receiver , heave if a heave sensor is connected and time.

Other choices include a user-defined preamble string, record number, sound speed, and draft. Each record contains a complete echogram the byte envelope of the received acoustic signal for each frequency, plus several dozen bytes of additional information, including digitized depth values, control settings, latitude and longitude, time, and heave. The details of this format are available to users. This format can be stored in a compressed format if storage space is limited.

The same ASCII record formatting capability described in question 6 above is available for the datalogger output data. All GPS latitude and longitude values received by the echosounder are converted to bit double precision floating point values upon receipt, and are stored internally in this form. Binary envelope records include latitude and longitude in this bit format. ASCII data files may also include latitude and longitude fields if selected by the operator , in the form of ASCII strings denoting degrees, minutes, and fractions of minutes to six decimal places.

Heave using the TSS sign convention is one of the parameters included with each ping in the KEB data record, and recorded to disk with binary envelope data. It is also one of the parameters available for incorporation into the ASCII data records and the datalogger serial output data.

The ability to record is a feature available in the Chirp series echosounders. Before you can start to record the echogram in SEG-Y format you will need to select the Carrier Data type raw, filtered, or detected. The current application versions are as follows: DSP Firmware: 4.

Email For Software Update. Frequently Asked Technical Questions: 1. How to configure Hypack? Do I need software to control my Echosounder? What kind of files will an echosounder record? How do I display and print the data I have recorded?

What is the format of the binary echogram files produced by EchoControl? The binary echogram files contain the raw data records. How do I configure the serial ports? Can I configure the datalogger serial output? How is GPS data recorded? How is the heave data recorded? My SEG-Y recording option is greyed out. How do I activate this feature? What else do I need to do?

Downloads Software Post Survey Download.

EXR 2908 PDF

Drivers Manual

This content cannot be displayed without JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript and reload the page. Output will be every fix event in an online session of Qinsy. An appropriate virtual COM port driver needs to be installed before using the fixbox. The fixbox is shipped together with a CD with software. Follow installation guidelines as supplied by Hypack. The virtual com port will get a port number during the installation, this port should be selected in DbSetup for the Fixbox interfacing.








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