As Hes Kablo, you left many years behind. How did your company come to these days and how did you reach that level by passing through which stages? May you mention about activities and product range of Hes Kablo today? As Hes Kablo being under the umbrella of Boynak Holding, we shape the organizational structure under management values and rules of Boydak Holding.

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A Visit of Mr. Mertel Manfred to automechanika frankfurt exhibition Search for:. HES Kablo.


Since 2nd of February , the document can be found in the L80 law office in the publication and issue section. Prior registrations: The state or country where the trademark was organized is by Hes Hacilar Elektrik; San. Ve Tic. The legal entity type behing it is a Other Indicates Entity-Statement should appear. No claim is made regarding the current trademark status. This page is not to be used as legal documentation.

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