Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 72 Troubleshooting Procedure Gigabyte ga-4mxsv pentium prescott motherboard 71 pages. Page 3 Gigabyte's prior written permission.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 72 Troubleshooting Procedure Gigabyte ga-4mxsv pentium prescott motherboard 71 pages. Page 3 Gigabyte's prior written permission. Specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice. Product Manual Classification In order to assist in the use of this product, Gigabyte has categorized the user manual in the following: For detailed product information and specifications, please carefully read the "Product User Manual".

Page 5 Chapter 3 Drivers Installation Page 9: Chapter 1 Hardware Installation 2. Damage as a result of violating the conditions recommended in the user manual. Damage due to improper installation. Damage due to use of uncertified components. Damage due to use exceeding the permitted parameters. Product determined to be an unofficial Gigabyte product. Pressing down the push pins diagonally.

Memory modules are designed so that they can be inserted only in one direction. The memory capacity used can differ with each slot. Page Installation Of Expansion Cards Installation of Expansion Cards Follow the steps below to correctly install your expansion card in the expansion slot.

Locate an expansion slot that supports your card. Remove the metal slot cover from the chassis back panel. Align the card with the slot, and press down on the card until it is fully seated in the slot. Page 18 If you use a pin ATX power supply, please remove the small cover on the power connector on the motherboard before plugging in the power cord ; Otherwise, please do not remove it. Most coolers are designed with color-coded power connector wires.

To connect an AC'97 front panel audio module to this connector, please refer to the instructions on page 71 about the software settings. Use this feature only when your stereo system has digital input function.

For purchasing the optional USB bracket, please contact the local dealer. For purchasing the optional COM port cable, please contact the local dealer. Q-Flash allows the user to quickly and easily update or backup BIOS without entering the operating system.

The BIOS Setup menus described in this chapter are for reference only and may differ from the exact settings for your motherboard. Integrated Peripherals This setup page includes all onboard peripherals.

Power Management Setup This setup page includes all the items of Green function features. Page 31 Access Mode Use this to set the access mode for the hard drive. Hard drive information should be labeled on the outside drive casing. Enter the appropriate option based on this information. LS Select your boot device priority by LS Note This item will show up when you install a processor which supports this function. Select your boot device priority by ZIP. Default value Disabled Disable this function.

Page 35 USB 1. USB 2. Disabled Disable this function. Default value EPP1. Page 38 Disable this function. If Resume by Alarm is Enabled. Default value Enabled Enable the fan fail warning function. Users can adjust the fan speed with EasyTune based on their requirements. Type "N" will return to Setup Utility. The following instructions use Windows XP as the example operating system. The driver Autorun screen is automatically displayed which looks like that shown in the screen shot below.

You may press the Install button following an item to install it. Driver CD Information This page provides information about the drivers, applications and tools in this driver disk. Page Hardware Information Hardware Information This page provides information about the hardware devices on this motherboard.

Page Xpress Recovery2 Introduction 2. It is recommended that Xpress Recovery2 be immediately installed once you complete installations of OS and all required drivers as well as software. Page 51 2. It is normal that data backup takes longer time than data restoration.

Xpress Recovery2 is compliant with the GPL regulations. Please contact your motherboard manufacturer. FA to your floppy disk or hard disk. Page 53 c. Make sure again the BIOS file matches your motherboard model.

The BIOS update will begin and the current process will be displayed. Page 54 Fig 3. Methods and steps: I. Page 55 Otherwise, your system won't boot. Please note that any interruption during updating will cause system unbooted.

Page 59 A. Page 60 Continue? Press Y to confirm or N to abort. Important All existing contents in the hard drive will be destroyed after the array creation.

Page 61 B. View Array Status: Press F1 to show the array status on the lower screen. If there are no disk arrays then nothing will be displayed on the screen Figure 9. When a RAID 1 array is deleted, the data on the two hard drives will be reserved and the two hard drives will become two normal drives.

Page 63 0 to exit when finished. A command prompt window will open similar to that in Figure Page 65 Step 3: If Setup correctly recognizes the driver in the floppy disk, a controller menu similar to Figure 18 below will appear. Page 66 Windows R XP to run on your computer. To set up multi-channel surround sound, install an additional 5. Installing the 5.

Page 68 Double-click the icon to open the Audio Control Panel. In the left list, click the 2 Channel button. The 2-channel audio setup is completed. Double-click the icon to open the Audio Control Panel. In the left list, click the 4 Channel button. Page 70 Double-click the icon to open the Audio Control Panel. In the left list, click the 8 Channel button. The 7. Click the Auto Show Dialog checkbox will enable the Retasking function.

A Retasking dialog will show up when you plug the audio device into the jacks. Click the right output device checkbox that you connect in, then press OK. Page Troubleshooting Procedure Troubleshooting Procedure If you encounter any troubles during system startup, follow the troubleshooting procedure below to solve the problem.

Remove all peripherals, connecting cables, and power cord etc. Make sure the motherboard does not short-circuit with the chassis or other metal objects. Page 74 If the procedure above is unable to solve your problem, contact the place of purchase or local dealer for help. Our customer service staff will reply you as soon as possible. You may enable ReadyBoost and allocate part of your USB flash drive's memory to speed up your computer.

Page 77 - 77 - Appendix


Driver Scape

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