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We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. In the studies conducted in — in south-eastern Poland, 56 diatom taxa were found from the Pinnularia genus. Eighteen taxa were considered as new to Polish flora. Some taxa are very rare in Poland and Europe and are found in only a few localities.

Smith, P. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Bernat, P. Diversity of the diatom communities in the Trzcianka stream.

Rocznik Przemyski 48 3 : 29—44 in Polish with English summary. Google Scholar. Cybulski, K. Materials to algological flora of the environments of Warsaw. Hofmann, G. In: Lange-Bertalot, H. Gantner Verlag K. Kaczmarska, I. Acta Paleobot. Kawecka, B. Diatom diversity in streams of the Tatra National Park Poland as indicator of environmental conditions. Kondracki, J. Geografia regionalna Polski. PWN, Warszawa. Krammer, K.

The genus Pinnularia. Teil: Naviculaceae. In: Ettl, H. Lach, J. In: Bonusiak, W. Marciniak, B. Studia Geol. Diatomeae flora of the Pleistocene and the Holocene. In: Budowa Geologiczna Polski t. Wydawnictwa Geologiczne, Warszawa. Noga, T. Occurence of diatoms from the genus Pinnularia in rivers and streams of the Podkarpacie Region.

In: Kostecka, J. Application of diatoms to assess the quality of the waters of the Baryczka stream, left-side tributary of the River San. Roczniki Bieszczadzkie — in Polish with English summary. The influence of soil moisture, pH and organic matter content on the diversity of diatom assemblages in the soils of south-eastern Poland. In: 32 nd International conference of polish phycologists.

Do thermophilic species invasion threaten us? Abstract book, pp. Department of Hydrobiology. Polish Bot. Podbielkowski, Z. Diatoms of lake deposits from the Polish Baltic coast. Lake Jamno. Round, F. The diatoms. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge. Rumek, A. Kraju 2: 1—36 in Polish with French summary. Rumrich, U. Diatomeen der Anden. Iconographia Diatomologica 9: 1— Schumann, J.

Preussische Diatomeen. Zweiter Nachtrag. Catalogue of Polish prokaryotic and eucaryotic algae. In: Biodiversity of Poland 5. Mirek , pp. Red list of the algae in Poland. In: Mirek, Z. Skalska, T. Periphyton diatoms of three midforest ponds in Strzybnica GOP. Acta Biol. Prace Nauk. Stanek-Tarkowska, J. The diatoms communities developing on dust soils under sweet corn cultivation in Podkarpacie region.

Polonica 19 2 : — in Polish with English summary. Diversity of diatoms Bacillariophyceae in the soil under traditional tillage and reduced tillage. Tambor, A. Rocznik Przemyski 47 3 : — in Polish with English summary. Wasylik, K. Witkowski, A.

Radziejewska, T. In: Kociolek, P. DOI: Wojtal, A. Journal 54 2 : — Biodiversity, taxonomy and temporal changes of epipsammic diatom assemblages in springs affected by human impact.

Diatom Monographs Algoflora and vascular flora of a limestone spring in the Warta River Valley. Acta Soc. Download references. The Pinnularia genus in south-eastern Poland with consideration of rare and new taxa to Poland. Ocean and Hydro 43, 77—99 Download citation.

Received : 30 September Accepted : 13 January Published : 28 March Issue Date : March Search SpringerLink Search. Abstract In the studies conducted in — in south-eastern Poland, 56 diatom taxa were found from the Pinnularia genus. References Bernat, P. You can also search for this author in PubMed Google Scholar. View author publications.


File:Physico-Geographical Regionalization of Poland.png

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