This great prayer by Srimad Vedanta Desika extols Garuda, one of the foremost devotees of Lord Vishnu , who also is his steed. This poem is written in the Dandaka meter [1] [2]. I keep in my,mind always and dedicate myself, Sri Venkata natha, who is the lion among poets And who is a great teacher of philosophy. Salutations to the Lord of Serpents, Who resides in control of Vaikunta, Who like the mandara mountain, Churned the ocean of Vedas , And has the nectar of it on his legs. The God Garuda who uses the Vedas as his nest as well as the seat, who leaves Vaikunta and accompanies his Lord Narayana, who rides on his shoulders in his endeavors to kill and destroy the enemies of his devotees, who on his return is deeply hugged by his wives Rudrai and Sukeerthi, who miss his absence, which makes his hairs stand erect like thorns and hurts the conquered serpents that he uses as his ornaments, which makes the two tounged serpents overcome with fear and make them open their hoods, leading the gems in their hoods to emit strong red light Which in turn gives out an appearance of showing of camphor light. Victory to Garuda with very pretty wings, who uses huge serpents as his food, who stole the nectar from the devas, which made the king of devas angry with Garuda and made Indra throw his Vajrayudha on him, which in turn caused many wounds on his body, which healed wounds today shine like his ornaments, Who shines in the waving flag of Lord Vishnu during his war leading to the extermination of the Rakshasas and his being recognized as the soul of the war, Who is the personification of truth and assumed the form of five winds Prana, upana, Samana, udana and Vyana.

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Stotra Paatam has to be done in person with an aacharyan and this audio to be used as a guideline for practicing the stotras.

Satakopa Tattacharya Swami of Thoopul. Incidentally, the Tamil word PuL stands for a bird. Here the reference is to the divine bird, Garuda, who is also known as Pakshi Raja the king of Birds. Garuda Mantram includes therefore among its five syllables the two syllables constituted by the word Pakshi. Garuda Bhagavaan was pleased with the devotion of Sri Desikan and appeared before him and blessed Sri Desikan. He then recited Sri Hayagreeva mantram and had the good fortune of seeing Sri Hayagreevan and received His blessings as well.

Swami composed the Hayagreeva Stotram and incorporated the Mantra of Sri Hayagreevan in this stotram. The archa murthy of the Yogaasika Hayagreeva presented by Garuda Bhagavaan can be seen even today, next to the Vigraha of Swami Desikan sculpted by his own hands, when he was challenged by a sculptor, who wanted to defeat Swami in a vigraha nirmAnam contest.

The snake charmer lost thus his snakes and his livelihood. He fell at the feet of Swami and asked for forgiveness. Swami forgave him and requested Sri Garuda Bhagavaan to return the snakes and composed the Garuda Dhandakam to thank Sri Garuda Bhagavaan for his intervention. This stotra was composed at Kanchipuram. Sri Garuda Dhandakam, is a marvelous composition as seen from its Dhandakam structure.

It is generally believed that the recitation of this Dhandakam daily would protect one from the harms caused by poisonous animals such as snakes, scorpions et al. Detailed commentary for Garuda Dandakam can be downloaded from: www. Indeed a great kainkaryam to propagate sri vedantha desika stotras, let the lord of vedas bless devarir with His own powers and prowess to accomplish a lot in this direction.

This site is really very iinformative able to get dharsan of many divya chatras. Thanks a lot. I have a small request I wanna learn garuda dhandakam and sudharsana astakam but not able get the learner versions for the same. I will be very thankful if you please get them for me.

Dasan ,Padmanabhan. This is the case with most of the Sandhai audios. What should I do. Do I have to download something? Can you please confirm and also give the contact details. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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All Categories. Chitrai Brahmotsavam at Sri Veeraraghava swami temple commenced on 28th April This year due to the lock-down restrictions prevailing country-wide due Visesha Thirumanjanam and Alankaram was performed Garuda Dandakam — Learners Series Audio.

By Chief Editor. May 24, His heroic deed in bringing nectar from IndraLoka His other heroic deeds in battles on behalf of his Lord His splendour as the Amsa aspect of Para Vasudeva i-e his Sankarshana Swaroopam. His manifestion in five individual forms His conferral of Vedhanta Vidya to his aspiring devotees i-e his status as an Acharya.

The worship of Lord Garudan by learned scholars and saints His power as the Garuda Mantra Moorthy His power to bless one with the 4 Purusharthas goals of Life His incarnation as Garudan as a result of the prayers of the Vaalakilya sages. His power to bless one with the true knowledge or Brahma Vidya It is generally believed that the recitation of this Dhandakam daily would protect one from the harms caused by poisonous animals such as snakes, scorpions et al.

Tags Garuda dandakam. Next article Quiz — May Chief Editor. Read more. Children's Section. Here is a crossword puzzle for children. The list of clues about Devotees Of Lord Vishnu is given below the crossword. Please write your Adiyan Dasasatyan. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Most Popular. Load more. Recent Comments. Editor Picks.

Visesha Thirumanjanam was performed for Sri Popular categories.


Sri Garuda Dandakam – śrī garuḍa daṇḍakam



Garuda Dandakam – Learners Series Audio



Garuda Dandakam of Vedantha Desika


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