System of Natural Health Introduction. System of Natural Health Introduction "The fittest survives" Herbert Spencer "The survival of the fittest" is a philosophy of life not given much attention to these days. Such an approach never helps however, because it does not take into consideration that in many cases the underlying cause of disease is the unhealthy mind of the ill person, who follows a harmful way of life that inevitably leads to health problems. The cost of medicine and the spreading of diseases will continue to rise while people continue to neglect the foundations of good health: 1. Maintaining a strong body through physical training, 2.

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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Galina Shatalova October 13, December 14, was the author of many popular books on health, healthful food, and healthful lifestyle. Shatalova is best known for her Natural Health Improvement System, which incorporates a very low calorie diet.

In she began developing her System of Natural Health naturopathic medicine. To prove her theories she and her patients undertook a mile km hike through the desert in The four elements of her System of Natural Health are: Correct breathing Healthy motion Hardening of the organism Appropriate nutrition. As reader can no doubt notice, a significant place in the first chapter is devoted to nutrition. Firstly, because the composition of food determines to a large extent the chemical composition of the cells of a human body.

This, in turn, directly affects all other processes: for example gas exchange, or such as thermoregulation or thinking. The second reason why I pay much attention to nutrition, is that no other sphere of human activity is associated with so many pseudo-scientific views, bordering on superstition, and not in the least because a holistic coherent science of nutrition is not created in human society up to now, although significant steps were made in this direction.

Its quite sufficient to recollect the works by Pavlov on the physiology of digestion, and not less imortant work by contemporary Soviet scientist Academician A. Ugolev, and works in the field of food hygiene by G. The ruling theory of a balanced diet, which is based on average statistical data about the eating habits of the Germans in the middle of the last century, is not the real answer to almost any question related to an obvious fact: if a person daily consumes energy for work and functioning of the organism, it is necessary to compensate this energy consumption.

But how? Only at the expense of energy released in the breaking of chemical bonds of alimentative substances. That is considered to be "calorification.

Caloric theory leaves no place in matters of food pluralism. The logic of its argument is straight - the daily diet of human beings should average kilocalories, and there is no arguing against it. I am sure this is still worth debates. In the first chapter I named some numbers, let's repeat them. Physicians-"calorists" recommend daily consumption on average of grams of protein, grams of fat, and grams of carbohydrates. If a citizen decides to go solely on vegan food, but is guided with the mentioned standards, he she would have to eat about pounds of vegetables, fruits and greens a day.

If we consider that our stomach can hold about grams of food a vegan would have to chew, without ceasing, all day long. Meanwhile, the whole experience of millions of people, who refused to consume animal protein, i. And that means only one thing: a man, who consumes plants only, gets a lot lesser number of calories than recommended by "calorists", which indicates the inadequacy of the theory advocated.

In order to save this shaky, built on the sand building, supporters of this theory use all means available. Former Director of the Institute of Nutrition of AMS deceased Academician Alexander Pokrovsky, for example, paid special attention to the relationship between nature of diet and mental abilities. The experiments were conducted on rats. Some got the diet of meat, the others were kept on vegan foods solely.

In the experiment both had to find a way out of the maze. On this basis, the researcher concluded that people, eating meat, are smarter than their fellow-vegans, and therefore the theory of a balanced diet is basically correct. This interpretation is initially false, since it ignores the differences in the brains of rats and human species and the difference in their properties in the diet.

Feeding of each living species has its own peculiarities, which do not affect the mental abilities of animals. Is it possible, for example, to consider a predator being smarter than a monkey? Or assert that the lion is clever than elephant, horse is more stupid than tiger? And, finally, consider the fact that many prominent representatives of the human species, such as Pythagoras and Newton, Leo Tolstoy and Romain Rolland, Ilya Repin were staunch vegans?

On many raises and an example of Americans, people are known to be rationally thinking, which in recent decades have embarked on a vegetarian diet to get rid of the bulk of chronic disease. Even 15 years ago, 30 percent of U. Here, in passing, I note that the World Health Organization has reduced the recommended intakes of protein to grams per day. And we continue to adhere to the previous standards only, delivering to already overcrowded hospitals more and more new kidney patients suffering from violations of protein metabolism.

Now back to the other "merits" of the theory of balanced nutrition. We stopped at that, before its supporters faced a dilemma how to "cram" kilocalories into an acceptable, from the standpoint of common sense, quantity of products. The solution was found at concentrations and optimization.

Exit, bailout for the theorists and disastrous for us. Their train of thought is understandable in general. If the sugar contained in grams of beetroot will give us only 40 kilocalories, is it not better to isolate it in pure concentrated form, and get about kilocalories per grams.

Same thing with the meat: processed into fat ham it provides kilocalories. You can go through all foods that are produced by the food industry, and make sure that the companies designed exclusively for the destruction of full-needed food to man and turning it into high-calorie, but devoid of life, limited life organic matter. In this connection it is worth recalling that many world-famous scientists believe that the production of the concentrated diet optimizes and causes many chronic diseases, overcoming human society.

Medical science now persistently seeking ways to combat one of the negative consequences of scientific and technological progress - an avalanche-like increase in chronic diseases in humans. But it is becoming more and more obvious that the radical solution to the problem will be instilling a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in people. Today, more than ever, there was a need for a scientific approach to man as a complex biological system, a self-governing public, governed by objective laws of nature.

Moreover, the human body is capable not only to regulate and restore the consistency of its internal environment, but also to improve, "if only the relevant conditions have been carried out," as the great I.

Pavlov says. I started the search for these "conditions" professionally in the 50's, as Fellow of the Institute of Neurosurgery, Academy of Medical Sciences, and continue this work today. Over the many years of medical practice I have been able to develop the basic elements of an integrated holistic healing of the human body by forces of nature.

This system includes a proper diet, breathing, movement, temperature regulation and the appropriate mental attitude. But, of course, each person requires an individual approach. What is the major of this system? I'll tell you slightly scholarly, but the most accurately this is choosing the correct functioning of the body energy supply, it should best meet the physiological needs of the man coded by nature.

It is considered that all our energy needs our organism gets exclusively through energy of the food. Ran, for example, hundred-meter race - and spent some amount of calories. And to restore these calories, you need to eat a product containing the same number of calories. And the energy consumption of these products is determined by the methods of calorimetry, as if the wood is burned in a furnace. But is it correct doing so?

The food is not wood, and the process of feeding cannot be compared with a simple combustion. I am convinced that by its nature, our body is able to compensate for the loses of energy with low-calorie diet. It's not about calories, but about the biological value of foods in their bioenergetic qualities. The rationalization of the principles of this system required to conduct a series of experiments - first were experiments on myself, and then on human volunteers.

One of the experiments was conducted in In those days, the amateur runners planned to compete in a super marathon run. The distance of kilometer road race was planned to cover by the men within seven days. The racing speed rate was one kilometer in not less than six minutes. About kilometers a day. Women should cover half of the distance. An experimental group of volunteers, who had previously been prepared by me on the program of the system of natural healing, were participating in the marathon on general grounds.

Volunteers have mastered the technique of dynamic autogenic training, health training, breathing exercises and nutrition on the new bio-energy basis. The food was prepared for them under the supervision of the Commission with specialized recipes. Our group was fed simultaneously with the main group of the participants in the marathon, but at a separate table, which was characterized by colorful dishes, richly decorated with fresh spring greens, vegetables and fruits.

The experimental group was fed with decoctions of herbs, juices, honey, salad vegetables and herbs, fresh porridge on water, bread made from rye flour with grass flour on whig, boiled beans, nuts.

On the trail they were offered "candy" from the rolled-up dried fruit and nuts, but athletes did not needed them. The quantity and quality of food quite satisfied athletes. All in all, runners got 28 grams protein, 25 grams fat, grams of carbohydrates, which in total amounted to calories a day. But the control and the main group of runners were fed according to the norms of the energy established by Institute of Medical Sciences of the USSR. They consumed grams of protein, the same amount of fat, grams of carbohydrates, which amounted to calories a day.

Cooking recipes were made according to calorie theory of a balanced diet. Tables laden with food from the delicatessen, meat cuts, sausages, ham, cheese and butter, splints, roast beef or chops with ample side dish, soups, puddings and the like, the most common foods. On the trail they received extra food - oatmeal jelly and crackers.

The participants of the experiment were under the vigilant control of the commission, both during the run, and during the meal. Runners of the experimental and control groups o the marathon were weighed regularly. Long columns of numbers filled minutes of the commission.

The results exceeded the expectations. Records of the Commission testified that less physically trained athletes of the experimental group were more enduring and did not lose weight as opposed to a control group of athletes that were engaged in the same physical activities and sports indices figures of running, but consuming five times more high-calorie food! Weight of the runners of this group was less stable during the run as well as at its end. And a remarkable thing. Marathon ended late in the evening and the next morning, all participants of the experimental group were at their usual workplace.

In the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture, where the results of the experiment were discussed and the acts of the commission endorsed, and where I reported on the results of my observations, the experiment was considered unique. It was decided to repeat the experiment with the participation of athletes of the highest category. According to this decision, a master of sports in the run Anna Kharitonova was prepared by a special program to participate in the experiment.


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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Galina Shatalova October 13, December 14, was the author of many popular books on health, healthful food, and healthful lifestyle. Shatalova is best known for her Natural Health Improvement System, which incorporates a very low calorie diet. In she began developing her System of Natural Health naturopathic medicine. To prove her theories she and her patients undertook a mile km hike through the desert in

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