Manual zz. Build like a battleship, with a modular construction, it was easy to repair, and the big numbers which are still around, prove the sound work of the Yaesu engineers at the time. The FT series was very successful, and there were many versions of it, starting with the FT, released in to the FTF, who was released in See the FT page for more information for the FT series of transceivers. I still think the American industry at the time missed a chance here.

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QRZ Forums. Tuning the FTZD. Only used to a modern solid-state rigs. I recently bought myself an Yaesu FTzd.. Seem the handbook is written for experts or back in the day when this tuning procedure was commonplace. But reading through the tuning instruction I may have fallen at the first hurdle So considering this dummy load will I not be able to progress to tune up the transmitter section My antenna is a doublet feed with ohm ribbon feeder Also can anybody point me in the right direction to a dummies guide to tuning these rigs I see lots on youtube for the previous b model with comments to the vid posters that they are going to wreck there rigs Please be gentle with me guys.

K7TRF , Sep 26, When you do it enough it becomes second nature and fast. KP4SX , Sep 26, Thank you, Steven I will look further at it tomorrow I would like to get a set of NOS tubes You say That's just the final amplifier zero-signal idling current WD4IGX likes this. AI3V likes this. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Register for a free QRZ account.


Yaesu FT-101ZD (FT 101ZD FT101ZD) user and service manual, modifications

There is easy provision for connecting an external receiver both antenna and muting so you can take that route if you wish and have a separate receiver. I believe FoxTango has all of them available for free download. Pete, the original "mark 0 or no mark" ZD doesn't have an AM position so it is the oddball of the group. However the many modifications, hints, etc. N9axl : Thanks so much.


Yaesu FT-101ZD Manual and Schematic

QRZ Forums. Tuning the FTZD. Only used to a modern solid-state rigs. I recently bought myself an Yaesu FTzd..

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