Our mission, at Teledyne ICM , is to improve your life on the field and beyond, by providing innovative, user-friendly, and safe portable X-Ray solutions. Merely weighing 3. The extra portability of the entire system enables inspection of items located in the most unreachable places without compromising the security of the operator and the public. Whether it is on the battlefield, in a crowded airport, at a busy checkpoint, or in the most luxury hotel… Teledyne ICM will always be by your side!

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Home About us Events. Security Solutions. They realized that the X-Ray world was clearly missing quality, light and effective portable X-Ray generators that could benefit a wide variety of users. This ensures that we can bring you even more reliable, light yet robust and highly efficient user-friendly products.

Our team is currently made up of more than 50 passionate and enthusiastic professionals who work on anticipating and meeting all of your needs. One of our main aims at ICM is to always be close to our customers. This explains why our products are sold in countries and there is at least one After Sales service center situated on every continent. This enhanced software features straightforward function buttons that initiate hidden complex image processing.

The thumbnail bar at the bottom of the screen is a particularly helpful tool that allows you to visualize the different images and their subsequent processes that are made during the entire operation. Meanwhile, a database storage system allows you to comment, store and retrieve or transfer images in a highly intuitive manner. These are the ultimate attributes every EOD operator is looking for in the equipment he or she is using on the field every day.

Weight 5. Developed both for and by EOD operators, this detector has been specifically designed to be the most ergonomic and user-friendly digital panel on the market. Weight 3. Weight 9. The strong, shock absorbing and visually appealing handling fixture has been specifically designed to anticipate the needs of the users. This ergonomic handle lets the generator tank rotate, which in turn eases its positioning in front of the object to be scanned, ensuring a wide variety of shooting positions.

The communication accepts text commands that are based on the echo mode protocol but is also equipped for wireless operations and Bluetooth capabilities. All Rights Reserved.



Whether it is on the battlefield, in a crowded airport, at a busy checkpoint, or in the most luxury hotel. Furthermore, to avoid unexpected disruption, the state of the battery is displayed in remaining hours onto the PC software. The user-friendly multilingual interface allows the operator to take and process his first pictures after just a few minutes training. The thumbnails bar is particularly helpful to visualize the different images taken during the operation. Moreover, the database-oriented storage system makes it possible to annotate, store, classify and retrieve images in a very intuitive way. The second generation of the E. As a result of improving the majority of its characteristics, the FLATSCAN30 is capable of identifying any threat both faster and in a more secure manner than ever.


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