Anunciaba que Ismael Zambada deseaba conversar conmigo. No agregaba una palabra. Caminamos en seguida un rato largo hasta detenernos ante una fachada color claro. Hambrientos, el mensajero y yo salimos a la calle para comer, beber lo que fuera y estirar las piernas.

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This interview was done in I've never heard anyone call him that That's a nice lifestyle when you have so much money. I bet they dont6 even fight lol. He is a peaceful capo but chapo messed it up for the new generation with all that violence he started.

Always the politicos, hiding in plain view and their own narcos trying to steal from the past luminaries of trafficking, in cahoots with the biggest ginirals and federal police commanders. Dunb patsies fall first, but nothing really changes unless it gets worse. It reads like a minute conversation Max. Seems pointless, like Mayo wanted to meet him as a fan.

MZ - I believe he just wanted to get a message out to US gov. More like just for the picture. Conversation was had no real value. Picture is extremely famous. Matter of fact I'm sure more people have seen this picture than the people that knew an 5 min interview even took place. He really. El Chapo beat him to the punch.

The interviewer was two faced. He could see right through the interviewer's bullshit. Zambada has serious wisdom.

Must be a cool motherfucker to be around. Hasta politicos se creen estos gueyes que el pinche gobierno es la misma mierda que ellos y que todos matas a personas etc Pueda que si, pueda que no pero quien chingados son los narcos para reclamar a el gobierno lo que hace o no??? Primero estudien mas de un estudio de primaria antes que se crean dioses bola de imbeciles!!!

So many mysteries about this men. Somehow makes you question alot of the things going on in corrupt Mexico. Something about this interview seems fishy. Why would a wanted man give an interview? It's not like he's running for political office? Better yet appealing to the public for support. We all know too well what happened to Chapo with his ego. Past comments on borderlandbeat indicates the elusive and secretive security measures he takes.

Moreover, to an interview that did not exemplify anything but gibberish. Added with a photo? Government security forces can apprehend anyone at any time if the desire were there. Moreover, with knowledge of every nook and cranny rock,cave home within their landscape. The years of supposedly running and hiding from law enforcement in a country where he is marked, labeled and categorized shows otherwise.

This interview looks more like a publicity stunt than an actual Pulitzer prize winner! If not havent recieved them already. No offense chivis but this is too far fetched for me to believe.

The guy in the picture is probably not the real mayo. Or had more plastic surgery right after That nose is fake as shit. Julio Scherer went to interview El Mayate and he did it, and also got his ohotos, maybe that was the holei idea, nobody has done it like that since El Myate, and new federal senator or congressman or shot Sergio Mayer "La Bugambilia" friend of La Barbie who shot his biography Mr Mayer is the son in law of drugs and weapons trafficker Jaime Camil Garza, buddy of Carlos hank rohn I knew you were a relative newbie who is historically ignorant about narco history.

Chivis has nothing nor any indication referring to negligence. Moreover, postings of articles are rewritten from other sources. Which readers are aware of. As for newbie and all that gibberish you reffer to can care less. Not looking for points not status rather commenting on opinions. So all that smack of being stupid is uncalled for.

Moreover, childish. But the if the need to truly Express my opinion bothers u dont reply. Simple as that. Because it really does not affect me. Rather shows the pettiness to address someone with the respect u like to be given. Chivis is good with me.

Just stated the fishiness of such an elesusive individual. Knowing that it upset you that much E42 makes me think even less of you rookie. Well I am not sure what is happening here, I don"t moderate much as of now.

But I can say this interview is absolutely genuine and vetted to the death in Without the fotos few would have believed him. I believe he conducted the interview to establish or infer chapo being boss or at least on equal footing. I recall the two -chapo and mayo-having a meeting just prior to this interview He says they need to stay on the mountain so I don't know. I think the reader was just saying if you had a greater historical knowledge, you would not question it. I think that is fair.

BTW I write a fair amount of my articles. I am not good at it, but I am a great researcher and can provide that material. Plus good relationships with key people that provide material. I think I am trusted because I keep my word. Apologies for not believing this interview to be legitimate. Never doubted your knowledge nor expertise of such matters. The only thing that caught my attention was the elesusive measures added with a photo.

Borderlandbeat has always demonstrated this character as mysterious. Furthermore, not much of an interview that said much rather pleasantries and acknowledgem to his existence. As for the displeased commentator, I can care less of his opinion. Readers are here to give opinions whether with rebuttal or not. But not to offend one because his panties are in a bunch due to refusal of such. Good to hear from you chivis. Always tried to be respectful and honest with my perspectives.

Keep doing what you do best. He is the one that started selling drugs to his own people. The old school narcos had agreements with Mexican government to not sell domestically. Pandora box can't be closed, too many addicted in Mexico now. Prove it! Uhm yes and no. The problem today is synthetic drugs. Lucky Luciano was caught with heroin in the s, --and they wasn't looking for the fountain of eternal youth when Bugsy Siegel found Las Vegas on their way to Califas It seems as if he was putting out a message to the powers that be.

If you need me, call me. R— And what do you do now? M— I work in agriculture and livestock farming, but if I can do a "business" in the united states, I do it. I wouldn't be surprised, that's why el vicentillo is almost out if prison. The court want's 1. Unfortunately, there is a price for everything like u state. A proven fact here in the U. Fine example with El Vicentillo; a metric ton drug smuggler who will be given a slap on the wrist compared to those given practically life sentences for those who push a kilo or 2.

Then again that's capitalism for you. Serafin worked as an informante


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