Mar 1, 1. Sep 9, Miami Florida. Is the sound that much better or is it just weight? Since its a 2 x 12 cab Im not too worried about weight since this is a downsize from my 4 x 10s that weighs about 75lbs.

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Mar 1, 1. Sep 9, Miami Florida. Is the sound that much better or is it just weight? Since its a 2 x 12 cab Im not too worried about weight since this is a downsize from my 4 x 10s that weighs about 75lbs. Mar 1, 2. The 12LFC is a 4-ohm driver; the is 8 ohms. Other specs are different, but wait for the experts to tell you if they're important differences.

There's a chance one may fit your cabinet better than the other. It would help if you post the existing drivers in that 2x12 cab. Also internal volume minus bracing and port dimensions. Mar 1, 3. Mar 1, 4. Since the cabs will be built to spec, why not have each driver modeled in WinISD? Then you'll see if there's a big difference in cab design. If there's no big difference, then you'll save If you have light cabs built, this is noticeable.

The 12LFC extends out to about 2. So the gives you some room to cross to the tweeter. Since many tweeters barely go down to 2. Mar 1, 5. I like the LF's better. I think alot of guys do, because if you notice, Avatar brought them back, by popular demand. They have big low end, and handle alot of power. Mar 1, 6. PawleeP likes this. Mar 1, 7. Jul 6, Phoenix, AZ. I'd roll with Ss if you want to save a buck.

Mar 1, 8. Mar 1, 9. Mar 1, I still am not sure what horns to go with either, still working in my head. I was thinking perhaps 2 of the Ss and a horn wired to one of my 4ohm channels and later on a can make a 2nd matching cab to pull the full watt from my head. With a hz crossover, appropriate padding, and a good quality horn e. It's not "ideal" but for stage monitoring purposes it'll be more than fine. That said you could probably get down to 2khz, but the lower you go the more corrective eq and the harder a good waveguide is to find, IIRC.

Almost every other cab you try with a horn will be hz or higher many are 4kkhz or 5khz these days. Mar 31, CO. I am looking to redo the crossover and tweater in a Aguilar GS loaded with a I am leaning towards a titanium driver but unfortunately there is only room for a 4" by 4" waveguide foot print. Any recommendations on crossover frequency? I am thinking about building from parts a 4th order Linkwitz-Riley at 3.

What little I know about crossover design suggests that the will be best crossed over around 4k with a straight high pass, or 2khz with a 4th order crossover.

Crossing over right at or hz looks like challenging without corrections - I think it's called a zobel, to reduce the woofer's output at that frequency to make it sum more cleanly. I could be mistaken but my limited understanding is that because of the peaky output above hz, and the resonant peaks of any waveguide, the crossover design can get quite challenging.

I plan to run the woofer full range. I am hunting and pecking for better high end after finding a much improved mid range with the replacement. I might actually prefer to leave a little hole as opposed to have the speaker and tweeter be additive at a particularly frequency.

The stock tweeter is phenolic and harsh. I probably could play with the crossover first but I am thinking I might as well just go the whole nine yards with a new driver and horn.

Its not going to break the bank. I looked at the datasheet. How does that curve compare to the actual response in a cabinet in the kHz range? Is it a complete crap shoot? Feb 9, I'm no speaker techie, but I have 4 S's in my sealed V4 cab right now and they sound great to my ears.

Very punchy, very fat sounding, super light - I'm happy with my decision. Im just pulling the number out of my butt because the mids say they go down to HZ up to 6k but why take over that low when the woofers go much higher. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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Eminence Delta-12LFC vs Eminence Deltalite II 2512

Also recommended for bass guitar. Works well in sealed or vented enclosures. Click to download high-res images. Multiple units exceed published ratings evaluated under EIA A specification while tested in a free-air, non-temperature-controlled environment. Compression drivers were tested using a 2ft x 2ft baffle built into the wall with horn front mounted. The data for these coaxial woofers was calculated with the ASD driver screwed into the woofer, but not active.


Eminence DELTALITE II 2512 12in Speaker 250w 8 Ohm



Eminence Deltalite II 2512


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