Operating instructions cod. Then enter the password 3 —2 1. Select the PA04, adjustment of read out corresponding to 4mA, parameter. Push the SET key to confirm the value.

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Operating instructions cod. Then enter the password 3 —2 1. Select the PA04, adjustment of read out corresponding to 4mA, parameter.

Push the SET key to confirm the value. The PA adjustment of read outcorresponding to 20mA parameter will be displayed. Next parameter will be displayed. If the absolute pressure has to be displayed, act as in the following Then enter the password 3 —2 - 1. Push the SET to modify the value.

Load 2 onLoad 2 is waiting to start 1HZ. Load 3 onLoad 3 is waiting to start 1HZ. Load 4 onLoad 4 is waiting to start 1HZ. Load 5 onLoad 5 is waiting to start 1HZ.

The Maintenance menu has been enteredOne or more loads have been placed in maintenance statusAlarm is happeningAll the stored alarms have been seen. A new alarm has happened5. How to see and modify the set point s 5. To exit: push the SET key or wait for 30 without pressing any keys. FtyP and the default unit of measurement par. Set the kind of freon by means of the FtyP parameter see 3. Set the measurement unit dEU par. Push the SET key for more than 2 seconds;2.

To change the Set value push the or within 30s. To memorise the new value and pass to the fan set point push the SET key. To change its value push the or within 30s. Parameters programming6. The controller displays the name of the parameter in the Lower display, itsvalue on the Upper display. NOTE: the set value is stored even when the procedure is exited by waiting the time-out toexpire. Repeat operations 2 and 3 for the other digits. Enter the Programming mode.

Select the required parameter with or. Use or to change its value. NOTE: the new programming is stored even when the procedure is exited by waiting the timeout. How to disabled an outputTo disabled an output during a maintenance session means to exclude the output from theregulation.

Push the SET key to confirm the status and pass to the next output.. If an output is disabled its led blinks 2 Hz 7. Running hours of loads8. The controller memorises the running hours of each load. To see how long a load has been working follow this procedure To see the running hours of the following load press the UP key. Display the running hour according to the above procedure.

Select the load by pressing the UP key. Push the SET key immediately on the lower display the rSt label is displayed. Alarm MenuThe controller memorises the last 20 alarms happened, together with their duration.. To see the alarm codes see par. Push the key. The last alarm happened is showed on the Upper display, whilethe lower display shows its number.

Push again the key and the other alarm are displayed startingfrom the most recent. To see the alarm duration and push the SET key. By pushing again the or SET key the next alarm is displayed. Alarms erasing. Enter the Alarm Menu. Program one controller with the front keypad.

Turn OFF the instrument. After 10 seconds the instrument will restart working with the new parameters. Keyboard locking Keep the and keys pressed together for more than 3 s the and keys. List of parameters This value must not be used.. With step compressors the output of compressor has to be set before the output of thestep.

In this case if the probe P2 is set not present par. PC5 Power of compressor Note: usually onon is greater than oFon. Minimum set point: The measurement unit depends on dEU parameter. It sets theminimum value that can be used for the set point, to prevent the end user from settingincorrect values. Maximum set point: The measurement unit depends on dEU parameter. It sets themaximum acceptable value for set point.

Set the dEU par. The measurement unit depends on the dEU par. During this time if the pressure isout of range all the compressor are switched on. Only the manuallyunlocking is possible. See also the alarms table at paragraph Every time thepressure-switch is enabled all the compressor are turned off.

It can be unlocked only manually. Seeparagraph Every time the pressure-switch is enabled all the compressors are turnedoff and all the fans are turned on.

Number of fans engaged with faulty probe. Ad1: Compressors address 1 — It is used in monitoring system. Parameter table code: readable only. Software release for internal use. Type of regulation If the pressure temperature is inside this zone the controller maintains the same number of loads switched onand off, without changing anything.

A load is turned on only if the his safety times onon, oFon, donF are over. Regulation stops when the pressure temperature come back into the neutral zone. In the following a simplify exemplum that explains the regulation in neutral zone for compressorhomogeneous with 1 step for each compressors.

The safety times onon, oFon and donF arenot considered. In the real regulation the a load is entered or turned off only if these times areover. Dead band control, compressors with same capacities, 1 step for each compressor. The numbers of stages switched ON is proportional to the value of the input signal: when thisdistances itself from the target set point and enters the various bands, the compressors areswitched ON, to be then turned OFF when the signal brings near the set point. Naturally also for this regulations all the delays don and doF safety times onon, oFon anddonF are valid.

Regulation according to the running hoursThe algorithm switch on and off the loads according to the running hours of each load. In thisway the running hours are balanced. Instruments shall be mounted on panel, in a29x71 mm hole, and fixed using the special brackets supplied. To obtain an IP65 protection grade use the front panel rubber gasket mod.

RG-C as shown infigure. Avoid locations subject to heavy vibration, corrosive gases or excessive dirt. The same appliesto the probes. Ensure ventilation around the instrument.

Figure 1 rel. Electrical connectionsThe controller is provided with removable terminal blocks for wires having section not biggerthan 1.


Step controller XC650C 12V Dixell

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XC650C - Dixell



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