This version of the Cripple Creek is designed to teach you how to play slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Take each one slow at first to get them sounding nice and clean. A classic arrangement of "Cripple Creek. This is a forward roll driven backup variation of Cripple Creek based on Earl Scruggs's playing on the original recording. This old time Appalachian folk song was originally written on the fiddle and is one of the first songs students of the 5-string banjo learn.

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Save Password. Also included is the "Shave and a haircut - two bits" ending. The first pass is the basic version everyone does. It is almost note for note like Jim Pankey's version on his Youtube channel. Go look it up if you want to see a great lesson on it. The second pass is kind of a Banjo in the Hollow melodic drop thumb A Part with complimentary variations on the B Part.

Capo 2 for fiddle in A. The three note chords in it are an up-strum. This is the way Roy plays it for the most part. Roy's been known to switch it up, using different licks and different positions on the fingerboard, but, like I said, for the most part this IS his arrangement.

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Bluegrass Banjo Classic Tutorial: “Cripple Creek”

We will do this by reading tablature. It looks like notation, but rather it is a simple set of instructions that tells you directly where and when to put your right and left hand fingers on the banjo. If you understand how to read tablature already, go ahead and start the song. If you want an explanation of how to use and read tablature, click here for an explanation of tablature. This is a program that lets you view tablature for fretted instruments.


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