How do I get this information into my Quickbooks? QBO files are required. There are work arounds to make a. QFX file work but they are unsupported. Welcome to the Community.

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How do I get this information into my Quickbooks? QBO files are required. There are work arounds to make a. QFX file work but they are unsupported. Welcome to the Community. You can use the WebConnect feature. You must download first the transactions from your bank's website and upload it afterwards. I'm confident that these resources will assist you with getting your bank transactions imported into QuickBooks.

Please feel free to let me know how it goes, as I want to make sure that these transactions are imported. Have a most pleasant day. This is a completely worthless response. The question is not about how to download web connect supported files. These same institutions usually offer a paid monthly version that does work with QuickBooks. Please answer the real question. How can users import transactions into QuickBooks from no longer supported by QuickBooks file formats or from csv files?

Nice to see you here, KenV. Thanks for adding a reply on this thread and for clarifying the concern. I'm here to provide additional information on how to download bank transactions into QuickBooks. To avoid receiving an error when uploading this file, your CSV file must be formatted correctly. You may refer to the above detailed steps provided by my colleague. You've got this.

This information should help you with the importing. Let me know how things go and if you have questions about this info or anything else in QuickBooks. Enjoy your day. Was there ever a response given for this question because I am having the same problem. However, this format is only supported in QuickBooks Online.

While in QuickBooks Desktop, the supported format is the. You will first need to convert the QFX file into. If you need more help with importing bank transactions in QuickBooks Desktop, please let me know. Have a great rest of your day. I had the issue with one of my banks where it offers a quicken. QFX file and not quick books. I opened both files with Notepad and saw they used similar tags.

So I just saved the file as a. QBO file and gave it a shot to import. Seemed to work fine for me. I think that is also what RoseMarjorieA is saying too.

Appreciate you for posting your experience here in the Community. It will surely help other users who encounter the same issue. Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns about your QuickBooks service. The Community team will always here to help you out. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts DaveJT. I know how important it is convert your bank data file to QuickBooks. Please know our developers are always working to make our product best for our customers.

Also, if you want to learn some "How do I" steps in QuickBooks Desktop, you can visit our Help articles page for reference. As always, please let me know if you have other concerns, I'm always here to help. Have a great day and more success in your business! I used the info in this link and i was able to download my US bank transactions to QB which only allow quicken downloads or a monthly service fee to connect to QB directly.

My work around was to rename the file removing the. It worked perfectly. Rest assured, the idea shared by all of you was forwarded to our development team. They'll review it and may be added to our future updates. It's great to hear you found the answers you were looking for here in the Community, dianachismar.

You're always welcome if you ever need a helping hand again in the future. Take care. I get annoyed at your answers Quickbooks support and your fake interest in solving this extremely easy to fix issue on your end that I,and many others, have been asking for for more than 10 years.

The conversion site that I listed above adds one single line tot he qfx file and renamed the file extension. So your devs can fix this in their sleep. You will never fix it, though, because for some reason it does not help your business in any way. Thanks for following up on this thread. The Development Team views each case and tries to resolve them as quickly as possible. That's one reason why the Community is so great; for helpful posts like yours that can resolve this type of issue through a different route.

I'm genuinely glad this worked for the customer and that this space is used to communicate problem-solving resources. RE: I get annoyed at your answers Quickbooks support and your fake interest in solving this extremely easy to fix issue on your end that I,and many others, have been asking for for more than 10 years.

Intuit doesn't see this as an issue to fix. They set it up this way on purpose, and they charge banks for the right to create files for QB and Quicken, independently. Except that QB Online breaks that rule. For some reason that is OK. RE: Please answer the real question. I tried this but it didn't work. It tells me that QB can't do it and I should contact my financial institution that is clueless Enter a search word. Turn off suggestions. Enter a user name or rank.

Turn on suggestions. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Connect with and learn from others in the QuickBooks Community. Join now. Level 1.

How to get a QFX file from my bank into quickbooks? Labels: QuickBooks Desktop. Reply Join the conversation. Level 8. What are those workarounds?

QuickBooks Team. Hi there, pc Here's how: Sign in to your bank's website. Follow your bank's online process to download your transactions to your computer. Depending on your bank's available features, choose transactions from specific or multiple accounts, or select a date range for transactions.

Choose a supported file type for the download file. Here's how: Go to the Banking tab and choose Banking. Click the drop-down arrow for Update and select File upload. Click Next. Click Yes to confirm you want to import now. Once the process completed, select Let's go. Let's get started. Type a name.


Open a QFX file in Excel

This included versions of Quicken that have had their online services expire and can not longer read QFX format. To get started first set your date formats with the Settings button. If you will be importing the. If you have not already done so, download a.


qfx2qif Convert | Help

Files that contain the. These QFX files are used to import data into the Quicken application from a user's financial institution or other data sources. QFX files may contain information regarding a user's account balances, transactions and other financial activity. The QFX file format is used by a variety of financial institutions. This allows users to easily import their banking details into the Quicken program. Try a universal file viewer like Free File Viewer.


Opening QFX files

QFX2QBO Convert can also be used to import security independent brokerage transactions into QuickBooks, which does not normally read investment accounts. To get started first set your QuickBooks account information and date formats with the Settings button. It is important to select an FID. If your bank is not listed, then it is not supported by QuickBooks, and you need to select the FID of some other bank as a workaround. See more about FID's below.

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