A nuestras instituciones les pasa algo parecido. No se trata de destruirlas sino de transfomarlas. Creo que el pesimismo no sirve de nada. Estos ya no habitan el mismo espacio, no se comunican de la misma manera, no perciben el mismo mundo.

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Tussen de oren , voor paard en pony in praktijk. Dit boek is echter voor tussen de oren van de eigenaar, verzorger, ruiter of amazone. Het bevat praktische adviezen op het gebied van voeding, opfok, gezondheid, africhting, vruchtbaarheid, beweiding en bodems. Alle origini del baratto : l'Odin in Sardegna Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Abstract — EN The complex history of the ' baratto ', which was conceived and performed by Eugenio Barba and the Odin Teatret from , is one of the most challenging and fascinating projects in the history of XX century theatre.

The purpose of the present essay is to retrace, as objectively as possible, Odin's permanence in Sardinia between and , a period during which many local communities gave a positive feedback to Barba's project by 'bartering' traditional songs, dance and rituals.

Born in. Kui kaugel on Peruu? Ricardo , o tempo e o valor. Reklaamikampaania fiktiivsele hotelliketile. Full Text Available In this article the writer and Argentine Ricardo Piglia profesor stands at the center of the academic debate on literary education based on the idea that his poetic reading hypothesis provides a framework capable to build viable research on the formation of the reading and literary competence.

His ideas about circuits of knowledge production about reading, types of readers, the debate on the canon narrative and intertextuality, are considered fundamental to the discussion and to contribute to the discussion on how we should teach literature in a context governed by new technologies and the new reading. Hydrotherapy and medical entrepreneurship: the "water spell" of Ricardo Jorge. Known for many centuries and used for therapeutic purposes, they were administered on an empirical basis.

When new chemical analyses were first published, the empirical properties of these waters took on a new role in hydrotherapy based on their now proven mineral and medicinal qualities. The article discusses in detail Ricardo Jorge's business venture, framing it in the context of the economic collection and treatment potential of mineral waters and the revival of the phenomenon of hydrotherapy, legitimized by new developments in the chemical analysis of waters.

The commercial failure to exploit the water resources highlights the difficulties of this project and the complexity of the professional practice of hydrological medicine, although it resulted in a strengthening of Ricardo 's authority and prestige in the field of hydrotherapy. Nondestructive prediction of oren extract powder, a herbal medicine, in suppositories by chemometric near-infrared spectroscopy.

Near-infrared NIR spectroscopy combined with chemometrics has been utilized in predictions of natural medicine content without destroying samples. Suppositories oren powdered extract content 0, 0. NIR spectra of the 10 prepared samples were recorded 10 times, and a total of spectra were randomly divided into two data sets, one for calibration and the other for validation.

The calibration model for the oren content of the suppository was calculated based on NIR spectra using a partial least-squares regression analysis after pre-treatment smoothing and the multiplicative scatter correction. The relationship between the actual and predicted values for calibration and validation models had a straight line with correlation coefficients of 0.

The regression vector result of the calibration model indicates that the peaks at , , and cm -1 in the regression vector were consistent with those in oren powder extracts. NIR spectroscopy combined with chemometrics offers promise as a method of predicting the oren powder content in suppositories without destroying the samples. Experimental farming and Ricardo 's political arithmetic of distribution.

This paper shows how Ricardo , one of the foremost British economists of his day, combined his empirical knowledge of farming and agricultural experiments to develop both the content and met The effects of ' Oren -gedoku-to' and quantitative evaluation of cerebral blood flow for cerebrovascular diseases.

Fifty-seven patients with sequela of cerebrovascular diseases were treated with ' Oren -gedoku-to' for 8 weeks to examine the possibilities of improvements in subjective symptom, motive deterioration, mental disorder, unusual behaviors and intellectual malfunction. These symptoms showed improvement of Results showed an increase of 1. However, there was no statistical difference observed among 'improved' cases, 'slightly improved' cases and 'no change or deteriorated' cases.

Results of the SPECT suggest though, it is uncertain whether these improvements were brought about by the increase of cerebral blood flow.

Business leadership concepts exemplified by the two exceptional leaders Daniel Vasella and Ricardo Semler. Purpose — Against the background of current leadership theory, this research paper analyses and compares the leadership approaches of two outstanding leaders: Daniel Vasella, chairman of the leading Swiss pharmaceutical organization Novartis and Ricardo Semler, owner of the Brazilian conglomerate.

Oren Sweetpotato Leaves. Ipomoea batatas Sweetpotato is currently ranked sixth in the total world food production and are planted mainly for their storage roots.

The present study was undertaken to evaluate and compare the antioxidant properties of the leaf and carotenoids extract from the Ipomoea batatas var. Oren leaves. Total flavonoids in the leaf extract was Total polyphenols in the leaf extrac Straight talk with Ricardo Dolmetsch. Interview by Elie Dolgin. Neuroscience, in recent years, has started to look like a graveyard for drug development, with many large pharmaceutical companies either eliminating their brain disorder programs or cutting back heavily on such research.

Novartis seemed to have made exactly this kind of drastic change two years ago when the company announced plans to shutter its neuroscience operations at its global headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

But the company made it known then that its intention was to ultimately set up a new neuroscience division at the company's US base in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The US site was initially picked to take advantage of the local academic strength in the field of psychiatric genetics. Now, it seems that Novartis is also looking to add stem cell technologies to the mix with the appointment in August of Ricardo Dolmetsch as the company's global head of neurosciences-the first new hire for the company's reincarnated division.

As a professor at California's Stanford University School of Medicine for the past ten years, Dolmetsch made his name using induced pluripotent stem iPS cells to study a rare form of autism known as Timothy syndrome.

Elie Dolgin met with Dolmetsch at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research in the Technology Square area of Cambridge to discuss how he plans to succeed where so many others have failed. Becker meets Ricardo : A social and cognitive skills model of human capabilities. This paper studies an equilibrium model of social and cognitive skills interactions in school, work and marriage.

The model uses a common team production function in each sector which integrates the complementarity concerns of Becker with the task assigment and comparative advantage concerns of Ricardo.

The theory delivers full task specialization in the labor and education markets, incomplete task specialization in marriage. It rationalizes many to one matching, a common feature in labor mar Full Text Available Not available. A fala fora de lugar: testemunho, resto, tempo e linguagem em Ricardo Piglia The speech misplaced: testimony, remnants, time and language in Ricardo Piglia. Un pensamiento dedicado al problema del testimonio enfrenta, a menudo, problemas relacionados al tiempo y el lenguaje.

A thought devoted to the problem of testimony is often obliged to face questions related to time and language. Such issues arise in the debate as concepts of a broader approach, since they are attached to the development of human meditations.

Giorgio Agamben, in a significant part of his work, inserts, in the debate about testimony, a relevant point of discussion: the remnant. Seeking to on these aspects, particularly on.

In that conceptual context, Beniamin minor of Richard of Saint Victor demonstrates that ratio and affectio need discretio in order to equilibrate all the virtues and to be able to accede to the contemplation. Richard, who sees in every son of Jacob a symbol of the virtues, attributes discretio to Joseph, which is the son of Rachel, the symbol of reason.

The article shows that, from the end of the XIIth century, discretio will be absorbed in the virtue of prudentia. Richard is his last and more important exponent. Castilla, Jacobo Regen. ColaBoraBora, experiences around the commons. In this interview, the author not only describes the project itself but also the general reflections generated along the road of CBB: answering questions such as what is meant by the commons, and questions about the possibility of generating a social economy, about cultural, institutional and personal obstacles when undertaking the project or about the need to link theory and practice to build a common knowledge.

Abstract: Our aim in this paper is to analyze the space of the absurd at the novel Caieira, by Ricardo Guilherme Dicke, writer from Mato Grosso. As a theoretical-methodological support, we use the ideas of on the absurd presented by Camus. During the analysis, we find that the space in which the actions narrated in Caieira develop represents a relationship of domination, in which the characters are reduced to objects or ghosts, trapped in a world of lime, arid of humanity.

Even when the main character tries to reverse the situation, eventually becoming a reverse of the same coin, repeating the pattern of domination against which it protests, reissuing a cycle of power and domination. Keywords: Brazilian literature; literary analysis; absurd; space. Ricardo Dyrgalla , pioneer of rocket development in Argentina. One of the most important developers of liquid propellant rocket engines in Argentina was Polish-born Ricardo Dyrgalla.

Dyrgalla immigrated to Argentina from the United Kingdom in , where he had been studying German weapons development at the end of the Second World War. A trained pilot and aeronautical engineer, he understood the intricacies of rocket propulsion and was eager to find practical applications to his recently gained knowledge. Today, the AN-1 rocket engine is recognized as the first liquid propellant rocket to be developed in South America. In the late s, Dyrgalla and his family relocated to Brazil due mostly to the lack of continuation of rocket development in Argentina.

Ricardo Dyrgalla deserves to be recognized among the world's rocket pioneers and his contribution to the science and engineering of rocketry deserves a special place in the history of South America's rocketry and space flight advocacy programs.

These texts are very interesting because, as postmodern works, they result as a mixture of different genres essay, novel, biography and because they are built with a combination of fiction and history, through the red line of the reflection on Art.

Escolhemos uma delas Azoulayet al. Exclusive writings on the contribution of Ibn Khaldun to economics in the English language have not been many, the references to his work also remain scanty and far between. Even in what little is available mostly authors talk about his views on professions, markets and the cloud he castes on merchants. The present paper avoids treading the familiar tracks. The House Museum of Ricardo Rojas, built in by the architect Angel Guido in Buenos Aires, is an ideal starting point for a reflection on the social uses of cultural heritage in Twentieth Century Argentina.

The House reflects an aesthetic program that intended to reinvent the national tradition as a fusion between indigenous and Hispanic elements. Nonetheless, the national tradition codified by Rojas and Guido was the result of an arbitrary selection of heterogeneous elements that excluded immigrants and did not guarantee access to cultural heritage of all sectors of society. The project of the House was directly related to the emergence of cultural and politic nationalism that took place in Argentina from the Centenary of Independence in to the beginning of Second World War.

This essay focuses on the contradictions of monumentalization of intangible cultural heritage in a multicultural society. The issue of technological unemployment was a cause for concern for two of the greatest thinkers in the field of economic science: David Ricardo and Karl Marx.

Both believed that the introduction of new machines could bring about chronic unemployment for a certain period of time. However, this was only a possibility that had already taken place within English industrial capitalism, but that could be avoid if new investments absorbed the workforce laid off by the introduction of new machinery. In the case of Brazil, the country underwent a restructuring period of its industrial base during the s, which according to the methodology employed in our study, verified the existence of the technological unemployment phenomenon during much of the aforementioned decade.

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