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Triacs are one of the most important active electronic components which are exclusively used for power switching applications, these devices are especially suited to AC mains loads, and are able to switch large currents consistently.

A1 should be always connected to ground. The ground doesn't have to be necessarily the neutral of the AC, it can be any one wire out of the two mains input. The other wire will go to one of the load terminals, while the second wire of the load will go to A2 of the triac.

The gate should be connected with the desired trigger input which must be a DC, because the triac will conduct with every rising positive edge of the DC trigger. Here the minimum triggering gate current is 50 mA. If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help! Your email:. Hi, BT is also a good triac and will not blow if the load is around watts and the triac is mounted on a heatsink.

BTA41 can be used for 1kv and above loads with a heatsink. No changes in the circuit would be required for this. Swagatam, Any suggestions on how to connect the Triac to a high current load. If there is a 4 sq mm wire for A AC what is a recommendation on how to connect the Triac to that. Anshuman, If you are referring to the circuit shown in the above article, then it has to be connected where the heater is shown, while also ensuring that the associated cables are rated accordingly.

C just like others triacs? MOC also delivers a Dc to the gate of the external triac. Sir, thanks for share your knowledge. I have a question about the right side of the circuit,what is the function of the resistor ohms and of the capacitor 0.

Thanks in advance Stefano. Stefano, it is called snubber network, which helps to safeguard the triac from high current spikes, especially when an inductive load is used. However nowadays most triacs have this feature in built. Thanks sir for your kind reply for using ac load for triac I have powering the timer with the 5 volts want to flash 60watt bulb through triac but its burning the resistor which is placed at output of timer which is 3 pin out of timer please sir you have also not answer about driving thread mill dc motor volt 10amp driver ckt thanks.

THe pin 3 resistor must be at least 1 K rated. Please use a 1K resistor and connect the triac with the correct pinouts, and make sure the MT2 of the triac has a common connection with the IC ground line. Thanks sir I have used 1 kilo ohm for the triac bt but still the square wave coming from the timer is stopping at one end of resistor help me this my project of triggering gate of triac using timer I have already used relay which is working can you please show me the calculation of gate triggering resistor for any DC supply thanks once again.

Hamid, the triac gate resistor is not so critical, any value between ohm and 2k2 should work. Sir i have a question regarding the timer output can the pin 3 of timer can be given to the gate of the triac bt bt in order to achieve flashing the volts 60 watt bulbs a resistive load if so what are the voltage should i used to power up the timer its either 5 volts or higher what current should i used what should be the resistor value should i used to limit the gate triggering current and voltage can i use opto isolator also called as opto coupler Today i have used the basic alternating flashing ckt i have constructed on veroboard i have given the the output to the triac bt which is having 50ma of gate triggering current but some how the ckt is not working the leds are flashing but the gare of traic is not triggering please give me proper guide lines how to trigger triac easily in experiment i have used ohm quarter watt resistor which indeed not working what should be the resistor value for triggering bt Waiting for your reply.

Hi Swagat Sir, I want to control a 12v, watts resistive load from a digital signal. What would be the right control element to use? Can I use the same triac used here? This is for my headlamp on my bike. I upgraded the bulb to watts from 50watts, but the switches won't take that heavy current.

Can you advice me please? Hi just humble, triac cannot be used for controlling a DC load, you can use a mosfet for example an IRF for this application. I have a 2 hours power volt dc motor I want to control speed control circuit if so kindly guide me waiting for your reply. Salam Sir i have recently asked you a question i want a complete circuit diagram for dc motor thread mill volt 2 hp you have asked about using a mosfet for controlling dc motors i need this urgently please help me in this regard.

Dear Swagatham, I have been following your work since the last few years and you are simply unbelievable…your passion and energy has not dimmed a bit all these years and posts later…how do you manage to eat, sleep and make a living?! How can you go on writing, replying to some occasionally stupid questions too!

May the gods give you the best! Prayers and warm wishes to you! Niranjan nirugnair yahoo. Thank you very much Dr. Niranjan, as you rightly used the word "passion" that's exactly what helps me to keep going with the present job without tiring…. I have think before about use variac to regulating and controlling my voltage,, but its too expensive to buy it,, hehe,, then I try googling to find information about transformerless supply.

By the way, i've just read your "treadmill-motor-speed-controller-circuit" and it said that "a modified dimmer switch circuit design which can be effectively used for regulating a V treadmill motor from zero to max". But nevertheless you can surely try it and check whether it satisfies your application condition or not.

First one.. I connect dimmer output to bridge rectifier and uF Ecco.. It's great.. I've upload the test run video at YouTube. Thank you dear Fira, I am really glad to hear your experience with this circuit…. Only few times both work together. Hello Rohitji, triacs in parallel will never work since their firing characteristic will mostly, causing one of the triacs to fire before the other, therefore they will never fire together.

If a short circuit is a possibility then definitely an MCB is the right option, and it must be included. Can i used this circuit for lightning application for power around 7. Use a large heatsink with the triac and make sure that the circuit always switched ON while the pot is set at the minimum side of the dial…onec switched ON then it could be adjusted to the required intensity.

Swagatam, Can I use this circuit to make V dc from V rms ac after usinf triac and rectifier? I am trying to make a 36V battery charger ofat least 6 to 7A and I am trying not to use transformer. Is it possible. Hi Abdul, it is possible but is strictly not recommended for battery charging, because if the triac or the circuit fails at any instant, there could be an explosion in the battery and a catastrophic hazardous situation. Hi Christina, calculating it could be complicated. Better to do it by some practical experiment, in general use the largest possible heatsink to the device for providing maximum cooling….

Sir i have also experimented from the bt triac Can you please guide me how to trigger the gate of traic properly i have a dc supply of 9 volts i want to switch on the traic through the timer is this possible if so kindly also help me in this regard waiting for your reply. Thanks so much Engineering Genius — Swagatam. You have made engineering so easy for me, more grace to your elbow. The specs are the maximum breakdown limits of the device, it will supply only what is consumed by the load, and as per the input power.

Hi sir, pls are scr and triac the same and do they have the same mechanism of operation. Well done sir ,you have been greatly resourceful, please attend to all my questions.

Is it okay. Yes it will be OK…but I would recommend an optocoupler for this, for example using a MOC optocoupler would make things extremely safe and accurate. Sir if I build the PWM circuit with ic as designed by you and control it with a separate 12dc supply and make these two supplies 12dc and AC common and connect pin three to Triac gate will it do?

Mujahid, yes that will be required for proper functioning of the triac, and is OK, but make sure you don't touch the circuit because it will be at the mains potential and extremely lethal.. What is its function in the above circuit.

ICs made using CMOS technology, these ICs have the characteristic of a high input impedance, and always produce either a high 1 or a low 0 , never anything else.

I have a 1Hp v AC motor. I want it to catch its speed slowly. Is it possible with the above circuit if yes then how? And Will it be safe? Sir I want my exhaust fan AC to increase its speed as the temperature in kitchen increases and decrease its speed as the temperature decreases is it possible with the above circuit. Mujahid, it's possible, but by including a temperature sensor with the circuit, such as a LM35 sensor or similar.

The speed of a motor or heater temperature is controlled manually by increasing or decreasing resistance, sir is it possible this thing happens automatically. I mean I want to control this resistance automatically how is it possible? So that the temperature or motor speed increase automatically without any manual work. That part is very old part, And that is not available in online markets and local market. Can u please suggest any other alternative with regular make. Or suggest me for any alternative designs for A solid state relay.

I think you should inquire with your local spare part dealer or in the local market for knowing exactly which one may be available…or you can also Google for the same and buy it online, any V amp triac will do the job. Voltage range is 90 to Ac. Can u please tell me the part number of triac which is withstands A. It's possible but what would be the sensing parameter? Hi i wanna build a power control circuit that can power watts load from a watts voltage source.

Please Sir help me with the circuit diagram. Hi swagatam, I wanted to use this triac for AC motor pump control whose load may vary from 3A to 10A. And I am quiet to new to Triacs,especially snubber circuit design,so will you please help me in designing snubber for that load?

Thank you. The modern triacs do not require snubbers, they have built-in protections, you can get more info about the part numbers in the following ink:. OK Sir Swagatam Majumdar. Very grateful for the attention and response.

Did not think my question would return.


High Current Triac BTA41/600B – Datasheet, Application Note



BTA41600B Triac



BTA41-600 TRIACS. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



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