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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. The purpose of talbis is to reveal that sleaze in the form of truth. So, the devil's talbis intends to be deceived by Satan and his followers so that humans see an evil as the truth and vice versa.

We need to realize that the devil actually has too many ways and strategies to lead people astray. Because it is the dead and the goal of Satan's life, that is to lead all people astray from the way of Allah. Because of that, not a few of these people are included in the Devil's trap. We may not be from any group, surely the devil has a strategy to lead them astray. According to Imam Ibn Jauzi rahimahullah, in his book Talbis Iblis, between the forms of trickery and groups that can not be separated from the talbis of the devil are: Satan's trickery in matters of iktiqad belief and religion.

Satan's trickery of the laity. Satan's deception against those who dream high. Maybe we are wondering, how does the devil do his tricks on humans? Here, I want to share 7 stages of the trick that the devil will do to humans. There is only one word, which is to make sure all humans become friends in hell. The devil and his followers will make every effort to plunge man into kufr and symbolize God. This is because the devil knows that shirk is a sin that God will not forgive.

And if humans die in a state of symbolizing Allah, surely God will not forgive him. Allah says in Surah An-Nisa verse 48 which means: "Verily, Allah will not forgive the sin of shirk associating Him with anything and will forgive sins other than that for whoever He wants according to His Shari'ah rules and whoever associates God with something else , then he has actually committed sins big. For this reason, the devil will feel very satisfied if he can make someone kufr and symbolize Allah.

Allah s. This is because if the devil triumphs with this first strategy, the devil can already find out who his friend is in hell later. Second: Doing Bid'ah If the first trap fails, the devil will try this second strategy as well.

This second strategy is no less dangerous, it is heresy. Why does the devil use this second strategy? This is because the heretics feel that what they are doing is good even though it is a case that violates the sunnah of the Prophet s.

That is why the heretic is preferred by the devil from the sinners. Because ahi immoral easier to repent because of immorality. Whereas heresy experts do not because they feel that what they are doing is right on the religious side. Reviews Review Policy. Pengembangan aplikasi ini terdapat pembaharuan materi diantaranya: 1. Versi Updete 1. Perbaikan Isi materi 3. Penambahan kitab lainya dan 4. Versi updete 28 serta privacy policy. View details.

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Belitan Iblis

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Belitan Tipu Daya Iblis: Syarah Terpilih Kitab Talbis Iblis Ibnu Al-Jauzi


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