Manual zz. Installation Guide NXD 4. NXD Specifications Cont. The Ethernet port automatically negotiates the connection speed 10 Mbps or Mbps , and whether to use half duplex or full duplex mode. The mini-USB port is used for programming the touch panel. This button is also userprogrammable.

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Toggle navigation. Hi there, I have noticed that NXD is not on the list for touch panel design. Any body knows what TP should be used. February I doesn't have a x resolution Colzie Senior Member Posts: A new version of TP4 is required when new tp hardware is released. Look for an upgrade to TP4 sometime in the next few months my guess. I can't even use other template as the resolution is x You can fake it. Use any panel with a higher resolution, but only use the top left x Edit: Assuming these panels are real G4 panels, not like the R4s Rash It's unwise to sell something that doesn't exist.

It's simply crazy to end up having to do interface design for something that doesn't exist. I'm not having a pop at you but someone here has got well ahead of themselves. I saw it at ISE - what was on the booth was clearly a prototype - this product should not be in a project that is so advanced that it is now calling for a TPD design.

March I'm not exactly sure I understand the question, but you are only able to load a TP design to a touch panel with a matching resolution. If you are using an x to create your temporary 4" panel design, you could load it to an but not the 4" panel. Once you convert it to the 4" version after the new TP4 is available you will no longer be able to load it to the Does that answer your question or did I misunderstand?

No current AMX touch panels have a resolution of x You will only use x of the x As far as TP4 is concerned, it will be an x panel. You will not be able to load it to the non-existent NXD, but you could load it to an for testing page flips, code, etc. So when I said you can fake it, I meant you could develop a x panel in TP4. April TurnipTruck Junior Member Posts: 1, DHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4, AMX is somewhat notorious for announcing a product, then getting it out way later than expected The R4 and the new color thermostats are a good example.

The thermostats especially, came out more than a year after announced. Sign In or Register to comment.


4.3" Modero Touch Panels



Modero NXD-430 and NXD-435 Touch Panel Firmware v2.4.27


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