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Page Count: Carefully lift the amplifier by the bottom cabinet edge out of the shipping carton. Place the. Contact the. Save the carton and pac king ma terial for possible. Remove the twelve sc rews holding the c over on with a number 2 phillips scr ewdriver. Carefully lift the cover off the amplifier. Save the screws to resc uer the cover. Note that the. ALH is shipped with the fuses and fuse caps inside the amplifier.

Locate the fuse pack with the two 12 ampere fuses and fuse caps. I f additional screws are. The ALHX export model is pre-wired for. Remove the foam packing material around the tubes that secures the A tubes during.

Carefully unwrap the tubes. Do not dislodge or break the shaft that is connected to. To install the tubes in the sockets, be sure the larg e diameter pins line up with the two larg e.

Do NOT rock or twist the tubes excessi vely during the. I f the tubes are already installed, check them for proper seating. I f necessary ,. Do not rock or twist the tubes. Also, check that the anode caps are secure and that they did not come loose. The white ceramic anode connector will have to be removed from the top metal cap of each. This can be a. The tube will break if direc t upward or rocking.

The safest way to remove the. A twisting or spinning pulling motion. Repeat the procedure wit h each tube. I nstall the cover with the vent holes to the left ne ar the tubes by installing the back scr ews.

I nstall all the screws loosely and tighten them only after all the screws are in place. I nstall the fuses a nd fuse caps on the ba ck of the unit. Read the manual to become familiar.

The AL H is a g rounded g rid linear am plifier developed by. Am eritron usin g low cost A pow er triodes. It operate s in.

Long Tube Life : The A tubes are l ong lif e, reliable. The Grid Current m eter provides. T he other meter switches. Multi-voltage Heavy Duty Transform er: A unique. This versatile A meritron feature allow s. Vernier Plate and Load Adjustm ents: B oth tuni ng. Safety interlock: AC i nput pow er is remov ed from the. Never attempt to. ALC: The drive level is detected to provide a control. ALC prevents ov er-drivin g of the. Neutralization Circuit: Reduces un w anted feedback to.

See the precaution. Dom estic m odel AL- H : , 80, 40, 30, 20, 17 and Circuit type: Pi-netw ork, slug tuned coils. Maxim um VSWR at resonance: 1. Maxim um drive pow er permis sible: 85 w atts. Output 7M Hz. Typical C W continu ous operation : w atts.

Negati ve goin g, V, adju stable, phon o jack. Power Supply. Circuit ty pe: full wav e bridge rectifier. No load volt age: V. Full load voltag e: V. Full load current: m A. Maxim um draw at rated output: 10A V.

Multim eter: reads HV and plate current. Grid meter: reads PA grid curren t. Relay: keys amplifie r when ground ed. A bu ilt-in. RF in put: S O, 50 oh m in put. ALC: Phono Jack. Supplies up to 12 volts of negative voltage. Dim ens ions: Exact per form ance measur eme nts may v ary due to the accuracy o f the te st.

The interlock switch stay s clo sed to allow AC lin e voltage to. When th e top cover is rem oved, the interlock opens. This do es not discharge. Be sure to allo w th e. You can select the Hig h Voltage function of the. Multim eter to check the hig h voltage potential. This amplifier is designed to operate at full ratings wh en it is. You can use an exciter that has lower ou tput pow er, but.

If y o u use an exciter that. We h ighly. T he display on an oscilloscope is the best readily. Grid current clim bs. T his condition. Excessive plate current indicates the.

Non-linear operation,. The filament circu it of this am plifier satisfies all requirem ents of. Inrush cu rrent is controlled by the transform er's intern al.

T o insure maxim um life of the tu be,. This voltage should be used to limit th e exciter. A capacitive divider consisting of C27 and C28 is used to reduce. T he resulting v oltage is filtered by C29 and R12 and is. R13 provides RF and. DC isolation for the ALC jack. The DC isolation prevents. ALC line disconn ected. The ALC line can th en be connected. This circuit w ill not prevent sm all.

Under most conditions destructive lev els of drive power are. Slig ht chan ges m ay occur in max imu m. A com promis e in AL C adjustm ent m ay be necessary to achieve.


AL 811 AMERITRON User Manual

Page Count: Carefully lift the amplifier by the bottom cabinet edge out of the shipping carton. Place the. Contact the. Save the carton and pac king ma terial for possible. Remove the twelve sc rews holding the c over on with a number 2 phillips scr ewdriver.


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Long Tube Life: The A tubes are long life, reliable transmitting tubes. The Grid Current meter provides a continuous reading of the A grid current to indicate proper loading of the Amplifier. Multi-voltage Heavy Duty Transformer: A unique "buck-boost" winding allows adjustment of primary voltages to match a wide range of line voltages centered on and volts. This versatile Ameritron feature allows the user to maintain optimum voltages on the tubes and other components to obtain maximum performance and life.

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