How much of that CAB you could receive depends on your earned level and the earned levels held by the other representatives between you and the new qualified Team Trainer 2 who acquired his or her qualifying customers. It's the same for Directv and Dish network. You do get a percentage of all ACN services. Oh, it's illegal they say. I am already a member. I made 5k last week in my day job and yes I will show you the pay stub.

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Hi everyone. This compensation plan enhancement is going to increase residual income opportunities. I remember when ETT was sponsor three Team Trainers and each person had to have six fixed telephone customers which meant six different homes and I needed 20 homes to switch their fixed telephone bill just to be an ETT. It keeps the new person focused in the game and our goals as a group in the UNI Team and the company is aligned.

We want new people to have success. We want new people to make money. We want them to see the vision and taste a little bit of the money so that they want to drive beyond ETL into Regional Director. So you need to get that part right. NextGen plan is about the next generation of readers. And if you did that and you actually calculate the money it would be hundreds of euros or hundreds of pounds just in residual from that little bit of customers.

Both of my kids just finished college. All of the people like my kids as they enter the workplace have got bright ideas, they have visions, they want to follow their passion. They all should!

Everybody should! Services is how I got really attracted to ACN and not products. I love the product business. ACN proved it all last year, launching energy in Denmark, launching energy in Sweden, launching energy with business in Portugal and soon launching a whole package of Multiplay bundles in Portugal. Italy we have energy with Energie and new services coming to Italy.

We have so many things going on in every country around the world. There are such plans from this company that the best years are certainly not behind us. What are you really looking for? What do you want out of this? What do you want out of life? I love what I do! And I hope you will be too.

I want you to use the UNI website. You got to teach people how to use this, you got to get them to focus on using the opportunities section as a perfect follow up. Get them to register and access the training. The Spanish team is actively and aggressively bringing us training so that we can take our Spanish speaking people and have them access the training.

To be consistent online all the time with presentations, setting up automated presentations. My goal is to make sure that every week you can find online meetings for France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Colombia and any country wherein.

I want to make sure that these meetings are online all the time and you can access them. As we start in please go to the website, ouruniteam. Go to the back office and take the mission statement documents down and put your goals in writing. Life is changing. Georgia retired a few years. ACN changed, the whole world is changing, technology is changing.

So get clarity of focus. Decide what you want, where you want to go and take ACN as the vehicle to drive you to that place. Thank you very much. For privacy reasons Vimeo needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy. In The Early Days This compensation plan enhancement is going to increase residual income opportunities.

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Following the Rules - ACN Compensation Plan

ACN is a customer acquisition company. The compensation plan makes it clear that an Independent Business Owner can only receive compensation if customers are obtained. An Independent Business Owner could recruit a thousand or ten thousand other Independent Business Owners, but there is absolutely no compensation paid for that recruiting unless customers are obtained. The payments received by Independent Business Owners are derived primarily from the sale of ACN services and not from recruiting individual participants. The ACN compensation plan complies with requirements set out by the Federal Trade Commission and state consumer protection laws.



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