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Sort by most recent most useful. It is not mobile at all and belongs in a studio setting racked up. It can also be used on a stage if you need it to be , it actually seems like it was built for a live stage setting if you ask me.

It has 18 inputs and 22 outputs, it has the main outs for your monitors or speakers and outs for your headphones. If you can afford to purchase one of these I say go for it if you have the space. Did you find this review helpful?

I had no compatibility issues and was able to have the unit up and running with my machine within minutes. The general configuration of the unit is simple and easy to follow, which makes it easy to manipulate and to learn what everything does.

The manual is complete and through and is useful when setting up and using this audio interface. The drivers were stable and are updated pretty often. I was able to record without any latency, as this machine does all of its processing within the unit, freeing up space on my computer.

I was able to record at least ten tracks at once, sometimes more, which has more to do with my computer I think, but being as fast as this interface is, it definitely helps to run everything quickly and smoothly.

The reason I switched had nothing to do with this unit, as I think this is better than the audio interface I have now - a Digidesign Digi rack version.

The reason I switched was simply because I need to run Pro Tools. If you don't use Pro Tools, this is one of the best home studio audio interfaces you can get. The preamps aren't the best sounding, but are definitley usable and will get a pretty clean sound.

One of my favorite parts about this is the metering, as it is extremely clear and looks great! This interface worked great for me while I had it, and if I could run Pro Tools with it, I would still have it.

Highly recommended for those looking to put together a computer based home studio with an audio interface like this one. Originally posted on FutureProducers. It has 8 audio inputs with preamps and phantom power which sound very good and transparent.

The front panel meters are generously sized so it's easy to monitor levels while recording. Firewire connectivity makes it very portable and easy to set up. It's a fantastic converter box for any home or project studio.

I use this as my main converter for my studio. I use it as a converter as a DAW and sometimes for its preamps. I also use it with outboard preamps, as the audio inputs are variable and can be set to accept line level audio. In addition to microphones, I have run basses direct into the preamps on the MOTU, and it worked fine. Installation is extremely easy - install the driver and plug in the firewire. No problems. I had no compatibility issues. It is. The basic uses of the unit are very intuitive - though there are more advanced features if you care to peruse the manual - such as using the device as a live sound mixer.

It is very much so. I've never had any problems with the drivers, this unit is very reliable. MOTU seems to be quick about offering patches or new drivers when any problems arise, but since I've owned this unit I've had no problems. I've been using it for about 3 years. I love the clean, transparent sound, the great metering, the portability, and it's a great value. I really don't have much to say negatively about it. Great value. However - MOTU just released the mk3 , which is basically an updated version of this unit.

So I would advise buyers to go for the mk3 now, as it has more features. I chose the HD for 8 inputs and 10 outputs, ADAT inputs and outputs I used in the home studio to record mainly rock band drums, guitar, vocals, synth etc. I never had any problems stall or cracking noise or bizare as music. I just unplug it, turn it off and never problems the setting still and always already deal with the PC. I use Cubase 5 for complete mix, I just record 8 tracks simultaneously without any problem.

I just listen to a song and mix complete about 30 to 40 tracks without even touching the buffer before the end and with a lot of plug ins waves. The number of input and output of many preamps that are of good quality. Very useful, 8 phantom power and routing systems can send different mix in the headphones of various members of the group that recorded.

No problems with drivers downloaded from the site. The card does not require large resources given the age of my machine is good. The update on the website of drivers motu is followed. Used with Cubase SX. Over long recording periods several hours or a day no worries. It is better to eliminate all paused the computer that can disrupt the operation of the card and let everything run if absent shortly. There is no picture quality preamp and what pleases me most is the number of inputs and outputs, preamp and phantom power and possibilities of routing and mix.

Now I no longer need as many inputs and outputs and I'm going back on a small card less bulky the motu hd is formatted rack in a cell block mind-note music. And if I need to save something more ambitious or praise I will borrow the gear. Using OSX Branch in firewire. Okay, not great in OSX. It teind is back on, restart it, still nothing Once launched it is launched. Used with Logic Pro 8. It can record 8 tracks easily but then quickly overload the CPU, 8 tracks on an empty project.

RAS latency. I put 2 use for its instability rcurrente. The config is not great, the buttons are not moldy plastoc prcis. The config is sometimes his own and only changes everything. I put 2 because There's nice that give an ide led or not of the clipping. I think this card is not worth its price. Power the preamps is it so Powerful?

I would never have bought otherwise It will not please him. Frankly, with all its complex possibilities, we include anything, especially since a does not work that MOITI so it gets worse.

It's expensive and not ergonomic. The switch the rear are plastic and not prcis a pet. In short, look elsewhere especially if you do not know much. Enticing features, 8-quality preamp perfect for the battery's sampling various resolutions and to facilitate conversions Used under OSX Trendy firewire.

USE Drivers stable? Bad, Poor OSX. It extinguishes it back on, it restarts, still nothing Once launched, it is launched. I put 2 to use for its recurrent instability. The config is not terrible, moldy plastoc buttons are not accurate. The config sometimes acting up and changes everything alone. I put 2 because there's pretty LED that give an idea or not of clipping.

The power of preamps she would be so Powerful? Ps : tested with various microphones I did not buy but a friend. I never would have bought otherwise It will not make her happy. Negative opinions were very unusual at the time of purchase, I see that this is deteriorated thereafter. Frankly, with all its complex possibilities, we include anything, especially since it only works halfway, so it gets worse.


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