By Lance Cpl. Students measured and cut materials for different charges. Once constructed, students attached charges to doors throughout the simulated course. Marines utilized all the training they had gone through up to this point, running through realistic scenarios of what assaultman may encounter in the battle field. The Marines also used the opportunity to enhance their urban operations skills, clearing each room of the structure after the charges went off. Alec Thornton, a student in the course and a native of Eagle Point, Oregon.

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John M. The Marine Corps plans to do away with the military occupational specialty — infantry assaultman — and phase out assault sections within rifle companies, Military. The change is part of an effort to free up manpower for Marines to join other job fields. Assaultmen are tasked with tankbusting and breaching, which often means schlepping demolition charges, a plus-pound Mk Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon SMAW , and its pound rocket across the battlezone.

That dwindling niche role has made assaultmen something of a mystery to their fellow Marines. Sarah Fiocco. Though Marine infantrymen have traditionally been sorted into five core specialties — rifleman, machine gunner, mortarman, assaultman, and anti-tank guided missileman — the first few weeks of SOI training are the same across the board for all enlisted Marines in the field. Given the fast tempo at the nine-week Infantry Training Battalion course — and the overlap in training — assaultmen can learn the job of a machine gunner or rifleman with relative ease once they get to the fleet and begin prepping for a deployment.

The odd-job reputation of assaultmen — spend X months during pre deployment training on Y, then 7 months overseas doing Z — has been lampooned by members of the field for years, serving as fodder for disgruntled smoke pit sessions by s who saw their mission being handed off to Marines in other specialties.

The Marine Corps has been keen to ramp up its force size, shooting for a 12,troop increase this year — though the actual numbers, even with a boost from the defense budget, are closer to just 4,, Military. By closing the MOS, the Marines can free up some assaultmen for other infantry billets — and that means the service can focus on recruiting more Marines for MOS fields that take years of training, like cyber, intelligence, aviation, and ground vehicle maintenance.

The change is expected go into effect between and The Marine Commandant, Gen. Robert Neller, confirmed the plan to Military. However, for those grunts who spent their dwell-time stateside prepping breaching charges or lugging rockets over uneven terrain in deserts abroad, the news that their career field will be closing its doors — at least temporarily — brings some understandable angst. Air Force. Marine Corps. Coast Guard. More Sections.

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0351 Assaultman Resume Example

Hardworking and motivated professional looking to transition from U. Marine Corps to the civilian workforce. Highly motivated withmore than 4 years of professional experience with managing teams of Marines, maintaining heavy equipment and producing graphics, overlays and reports, as well as disseminating tactical information. Trustworthy leader who is calm under pressure with superior time management and conflict resolution skills.


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

The Infantry Assault Marine is on the front line of any infantry mission. The image of unsophisticated "grunts" is an outdated one, however; these Marines use highly advanced weaponry and go through intensive training before leading the way into battle. Categorized as a military occupational specialty MOS , Infantry Assault Marines formerly Infantry Assaultmen are, as the name implies, found in the assault section of Marine weapons platoons of infantry rifle companies. Like other combat infantry jobs, MOS has been open to women since Their duties include providing rocket fire in support of rifle squads, platoons, and other companies within the infantry battalion. These Marines will use breaching and infiltration techniques when the infantry is on the offensive and employ demolition and other countermeasures when in a defensive position.

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