W AS 7E MCO 15C b P The publication of this order synchronizes the Marine 1. Human Corps Development Process. References a through Resources in are and guidance used cf the development of this authorities order and as such, sanctions the policies outlined herein. MCO Mission.

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More than any time in the past, Marines, office rs and enlisted, are expected to intelligently manage their respective careers. However, th e amount of printed and web-based material available to individual Marines is nearly overwhelming. The Roadmaps will display critical skill progression, professional militar y education and training, common combat skills and voluntary education requirements and opportunities available to you. MOS Roadmaps are intended to aid you in maki ng intelligent decisions regarding your career path—regardless of whether that career spans fo ur years or thirty years.

The Marine Corps depends on the professionalism of all of its memb ers, private through general officer, and it is critical that you understand the training and education expectations of the Corps and the options available to you through each phase of your Marine Corps service. Likewise, I encourage leaders at all levels to utilize this MOS Roadmap to mentor all your Marines in sound training and education decisions. Toward that end, MOS Roadmaps emphasize what every Marine must do to achieve that high level of MOS expertise, and provides numerous recommendations for enhancement training that will add to those skills.

Also, since all Marines eventually return to civilian life, this MOS Roadmap will guide you through the professional certificate or apprenticeship program, if such a program is applicable to your MOS. Marines are lifelong learners. I encourage all Mari nes to continue their civilian education and to actively pursue the next level. This MOS Roadmap contains voluntary education recommendations.

Make good use of them. Finally, as an incentive to pursue training and ed ucation specific to your MOS, I have initiated a proposal to award additional se lf-education bonus points toward composite scores for those Marines, corporal and below, who complete distance learning and college courses related specifically to their MOS. I encourage you—es pecially at the beginning of your career—to concentrate on learning all you can in your MOS.

The better you are at your MOS, the better your unit will be—and, collectively, the better our Corps will be. Semper Fidelis. Marine Corps. Commanding General, Traini ng and Education Command. MOS Roadmaps. Successful leadership is the key to combat read iness and will always require a high degree of technical skill, professional knowledge, and intelle ctual development. Marines achieve superiority in all three through a combination of MOS skill traini ng, professional military education, and pursuit of off-duty, voluntary education.

It is not always clear, however, when, where and how to optimize each. What is an MOS Roadmap? As you prog ress through your career, skill training, which is predominate early on, diminishes while professi onal military education gradually increases. Experience is the ever-present constant that determines the rate at which a Marine trades skill training for professional development.

Do Marines have to follow the Roadmap? Yes and no. Some may be directed by your chain of command Operator or Safety courses , and the remainder is voluntary MCI, MarineNet, college courses, etc. All are uniquely qua lified to help you along the way. Remember, MOS Roadmaps are a guide, but as always, there are several ways to get where you want to go. How do I get started?

You already have. All your training up to this point is part of your MOS Roadmap. Now it is up to you to keep on course. Course Title. Course Location. ACE ID. Personnel Clerk Course. MC Administrative Clerk Course. This program allows Marines to develop and improve their basic reading and. Battalion or Squadron S-1 Office. Pvt through LCpl:. Pvt through SSgt:. MCI H - Punctuation. Intermediate Personnel Administration Course. Camp Johnson, NC.

Drill Instructor Marine Corps Combat Training Instructor Marines in the rank of Sergeant and above with a minimum of 8 but not more than 16 years of active naval service, may. Advanced Personnel Administration Course.

Camp Johns on, NC. Marine Corps Combat Training Instructor Marines in the rank of Sergeant and above with a minimum of 8 but not more than 16 years of active naval service, may apply for the technical Warrant Officer program. Gunnery Sergeants are expected to read and discuss with fellow Marines each of the following:.

Marine Corps, Millet. Master Sergeants are expect ed to read and discuss with fellow Marines each of the following:. Bayonet Forward! Joint Tour. Master Gunnery Sergeants are expected to read and discuss with fellow Marines each of the following:. Associates Degrees generally require approximately 60 semester hours of credit. Business Administration and Office Management are examples of associates' degrees, which directly relate to the personnel administ ration field.

Page 11 has a sample course plan for an Associate of Scie nce A. Degree in General Studies. Many Marines can complete this type of degree part-time in less than 8 years. The Marine Corps Career College Program MCCCP expands the range of educati onal opportunities available for Marines who woul d like to apply their military training and workplace skills and experience toward co mpletion of an occupational specialty-related college degree. The goal is to encourage Marines to attain the same level of career developm ent and professional recognition as their counterparts in their sister services and civilian society.

The goal of the program is to support the Marine's career and pers onal development by providing comprehensive degree plans and roadmaps which maximize th e credit which member schools will award for Marine Corps training and experience. Additional Occupational Field-related Degree Roadmaps are under development and will be added soon.

Marines in the grade of Staff Sergeant through Master Sergeant who have completed some college work may be eligible for assi gnment to a fulltime college pr ogram through the SNCO Degree Completion program. Marines below the grade of Staff Sergeant interested in eventually participating in this program should consult MCO Students must pay for books and study guides. You must sign a SOCMAR agreement upon completion of 12 semester hours if you wish to continue to use tuition assistance.

This handbook also provides detailed information about individual college degree requirements. Every Marine has a transcript already and access to it is free. The ACE identifier, listed with each course, is a source to validate the in formation and to check for changes as they occur.

Most of your military training can be counted toward degree programs, but residency credits a nd approximately credit hours are still required. These certificates can be as valuable as the apprenticeship program in the civilian work force. Additionally, many of the tests have study guides that are available at the bas e education center or through the base library system.

Department of Labor. This is the largest apprenticeship program operating in the U. Completion of one of these programs would qualify you as a journeyman, which could mean a significantly higher starting salary in the civilian work for ce.

Most programs require years to complete but are transferable if you decide to leav e the service prior to completion. The tests are offered in the spring and fall of every year and do require a non-refundable registration fee. ASE exams require documentation of two years experience working in the automotive industry. Enlisted to Officer Programs to consider include:. MCO MCO R. Communications 9 hours from the following.

History 6 hours from the following. Humanities 9 hours from the following. Sciences 8 hours from the following. Mathematics 3 hours from the following. Social Sciences 6 hours from the following. Electives 19 hours from the following. Introduction to. College Algebra. Depending of the credit transfer limit of the college, you may find that you have already earned the equivalent of the entire elective requirement.

English Composition I 3 hours. History I. Music Appreciation.



MCO To provide an official mail address listing of Marine Corps commands and publish, per reference a and b , military mail addressing standards which are to be used in the preparation of official correspondence for entry into the United States Postal Service USPS System. The ZIP Code Alignment, the Address Standardization, and USPS automated mail processing resulted in changed military addresses, established address formats, and identified address hygiene requirements. These actions allow military mail to be processed by USPS automated sorting equipment; thereby eliminating manual sorting, speeding process time, and subjecting military mail to potential discount mailings. Action a. Personnel preparing official correspondence for entry into the USPS mail system will: 1 Follow mail address standards in enclosure 1.



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