Past, Present and Future. The concessionaire, general manager and chief editor is Mr. Mohammad bin Suleiman bin Mohammed Al-Taie. The first edition of Alwatan was issued in January 28, , thus signifying the birth of the Omani press under the emblem "Voice of Oman in the Arab world".

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Past, Present and Future. The concessionaire, general manager and chief editor is Mr. Mohammad bin Suleiman bin Mohammed Al-Taie. The first edition of Alwatan was issued in January 28, , thus signifying the birth of the Omani press under the emblem "Voice of Oman in the Arab world".

Alwatan is the only newspaper that has been coeval with the blessed Renaissance march under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Over its long course, "Alwatan" had been printed in more than one Arab capital at the very beginnings of the blessed renaissance. In the s, it was printed in Beirut, and when the Lebanese civil war broke out, it moved to Cairo and then to Kuwait, and finally, the Sultanate. Then, Alwatan set up its own press in It hasn't come all of a sudden as Alwatan found positive responses and acceptance from its readers reflected in the steady growth in distribution rates towards the advanced level it has reached today.

On the other hand, Omanis have found in it their long desired goal, giving it all interest. Still, "Alwatan" is one of the leading newspapers in sponsoring the artistic and sports movement in Oman by allocating large spaces for such activities in the Sultanate.

It is now the sole historic reference on this growing momentum. Many academics based their master and doctorate theses on "Alwatan" issues over its long history. In addition, Alwatan provides advertising and social services for the public. The building, located at Al Azaiba area in Wilayat of Bousher in the governorate of Muscat, houses several departments: editing, financial and administrative sections, the press etc.

The number of workers with "Alwatan" amounts to persons. Keeping abreast development and upgrading, and in response to the wishes of the readers "Alwatan" makes use of writers from inside and outside the country as well as annually contracted correspondents in a number of Arab and foreign capitals who send reports and journalistic investigations and analysis on a daily basis, round the clock.

Alwatan is and has always been keen on discovering the creations Omani writers and helping them to provide new and useful writings, ideas and views that contribute to the service of the nation. These studies have confirmed that " Alwatan " is the first newspaper in the Sultanate through distribution and polling rates. Independent companies prepared studies on the distribution and the impact on readers and concluded that " Alwatan " is the most popular newspaper in the Sultanate of Oman, pointing out that " Alwatan " is the highest in terms of the number of readers of all ages, the highest in the number of readers for a monthly and annual income and it the highest in the number of male and female readers between 16 to 24 years old.

The study showed that " Alwatan "supercedes all newspapers, Arab and non-Arab, in the Sultanate in the rates of readers of all ages. On 18June, , in a bold step, Alwatan preceded all Omani and many Arab newspapers in changing the paper size and introduced the Omani sail as its own logo to honestly prove that it was the first to express Omani views.

The logo also commemorates the sail, which is particularly valuable to the hearts of Omanis. On 18 July , Alwatan boldly stepped into the world of the Internet, keeping by its commitment to move forward on the road to development and promotion incessantly and assuring readers everywhere that it there to communicate with them without geographical boundaries.

The wheel of progress and development pursued by Alwatan knows no stop. That is why Alwatan is still the most acceptable newspaper among readers.

Past, Present and Future "Alwatan" is a political daily newspaper appearing every day of the week without interruption and with individual ownership.


Al Watan Restaurant for Fresh Food, Muscat

It was founded in and was first published on January 28, It is the first and oldest Omani newspaper. Alwatan was founded in to be the first Omani newspaper. It was first published on January 28, Alwatan was planned to be a daily newspaper but due to problems in printing it was published on a weekly basis in Beirut , Lebanon. When Mohammed Ibn Suleiman al-Taei became editor-in-chief, he immediately started planning to expand and make Alwatan a daily newspaper. He employed new employees and journalists, and changed the newspaper's display and organization.


Wataniyya may also refer to State-based 'patriotic' nationalism see Egyptian nationalism , as opposed to Qawmiyya , ethnic-based Arab nationalism. It is commonly used as the name of Arabic-language newspapers, as well as newspapers in other languages that have borrowed the word:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Look up watan in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term. Categories : Disambiguation page with short description Disambiguation pages. Hidden categories: All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages.





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