Designing climate change curricular materials suitable for wide adoption across institutions and academic disciplines including those outside of the geosciences requires collaboration among faculty at different types of institutions and consideration of a variety of student populations, learning styles, and course formats. The Interdisciplinary Teaching of Geoscience for a Sustainable Future InTeGrate project, an NSF STEP Center program, provides opportunities for faculty to develop week teaching modules to engage students in understanding the intersections between geoscience topics and societal issues. From , a team of 3 faculty from a liberal arts college, comprehensive university, and community college developed, implemented, assessed, and revised a week module for introductory undergraduates entitled "Climate of change: interactions and feedbacks between water, air, and ice". The module uses authentic atmosphere, ocean, and cryosphere data from several regions to illustrate how climate impacts human societies and that the climate system has interacting components complicated by feedbacks, uncertainties, and human behavioral decisions.

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This type of pig may represent genetic resources for the improvement of commercial breeds, which are desired to be introduced in the tropics as improved synthetic or native breeds. The low levels of production reported for the CPM in comparison with the modern breeds, do not allow it to compete with the production volumes necessary for a meat industry of Iberian products, so it is necessary to search for animal breeding alternatives such as crossbreeding.

ABSTRACT: Mexico is center of origin the maize and has areas considered as maize genetic diversity centers, which continues to be very important for all of Mexico, because it is the main source of food. Coahuila presents seven polygons considered as centers of origin and diversity of this crop, it hosts races and variants between races improved by farmers by to the free flow of genes, either by pollen or seed, creates an open seed system, subject to evolutionary processes of genetic drift, genetic flow and selection, in which the destination of introduced transgenes is difficult to predict.

The objective of this research was to evaluate the existing diversity in the centers of origin, as well as to establish a baseline of infiltration of transgenes in native maize. On the other hand, transgenic sequences were detected in 11 of the analyzed samples 5. According to the results, there was sufficient information to know the current status of the native maize of Coahuila, Mexico and the presence of transgenes at the inter and intrapopulation level, which may be useful to implement measures to ensure the continuity of this valuable genetic resource in Coahuila.

The morphological variation on ear and grain of 21 maize populations cultivated in spring-summer of agricultural cycle in were studied on tests of physiological quality of the seed, as well as on tests of detection to identify and counting potentially toxigenic phytopathogenic fungi, in addition, tests were done to evaluate the contamination levels of mycotoxins on such populations maize grain.

The work was developed in two stages: in the first stage called field, 21 native maize populations were harvested whose plots were georeferenced in situ from the states of Mexico 16 and Tlaxcala 5 in which 4 variables were recorded qualitative and 18 quantitative variables for its characterization.

In the second stage called laboratory analysis, six variables were evaluated in the germination and vigor tests, subsequently the number of fungal species present in the seed was determined in the mycobiota, as well as the species of phytopathogenic fungi potentially toxigenic and their production of mycotoxins. The data were subjected to the following statistical analyzes: analysis of variance and multivariate techniques such as conglomerate and principal component analysis.

The native populations of maize were associated with the races Cacahuacintle 4 , Conic 9 , Elotes Conic 3 , Palomero 2 and Pepitilla 1 and mixtures of races 2. In the Cacahuacintle population 2 stands out for having greater Length of ear The incidence of 9 genera of phytopathogenic fungi was determined, the genus Fusarium was presented in In terms of potentially toxigenic fungal species, Fusarium verticillioides recorded the highest incidence in population 12 The percentage of germination was not affected by the high incidence of Fusarium verticillioides, showed the positive association between Fusarium graminearum with Deoxynivalenol and Zearalenone, so xx populations with high incidence of Fusarium graminearum generated levels of contamination of these mycotoxins".

Los datos se analizaron utilizando un modelo mixto. Data were analyzed utilizing a mixed model. In general, Charollais and Dorset breeds showed superiority in carcass traits of their progeny.

Based on the apiarian Census, from nine municipalities, 13 beekeepers with at least 12 beehives having African, Italian, Carniolan, and European honeybees, were selected. This work was done in two phases: in the first phase, general information related to beekeepers, management of queen bee, bee defensiveness, and honey production was obtained by using a semi-structured questionnaire; in the second phase, two beekeepers, whose activity was the queen bee breeding were interviewed to know about breeding and management of the queen honey bee.

Defensiveness of bee was measured using the cone technique and the honey production from February to July, was obtained. These results indicate that defensiveness of honey bees can be reduced and honey production per beehive can be increased by managing the honey bee queen in the apiaries.

Los datos provienen de una granja ubicada en el municipio de Cuautepec de Hinojosa, Hidalgo. Se aparearon 50 hembras Hampshire con 5 machos Charollais, 2 Dorset y 3 Texel, originarios de diversas granjas en Hidalgo. Las ovejas se alimentaron con paja de avena-cebada, alfalfa y un concentrado comercial. Data come from a farm located in the municipality of Cuautepec de Hinojosa, Hidalgo.

Fifty Hampshire ewes were mated to 5 Charollais, 3 Dorset, and 2 Texel sires originated from several farms in Hidalgo. Ewes were fed oats-barley hay, alfalfa, and a commercial concentrate. En los resultados del primer ensayo se determinaron grandes diferencias entre el germoplasma evaluado, debido principalmente a la precocidad, altura de planta, tolerancia a enfermedades, calidad de la semilla, entre otras. La ACG contribuye en mayor. The first was only increased by controlled pollination of 10 collections of creole maize of equal number of races provided by CIMMyT.

The genotypes were evaluated in field, laboratory and a design of full blocks random with two replicates a design completely randomly with four repetitions. We evaluated the agronomic performance of the parents, the quality of the seed, tolerance to Fusarium, among others. F1 hybrids the seed quality were tested, and were sown in field to evaluate agronomic characteristics and grain yield.

The results of the first trial identified great differences between the germplasm assessed, mainly due to the earliness, tall plant, tolerance to diseases, seed quality, among others. With regard to the seed quality testing, the ANVA showed significant differences for the genotypes evaluated characters; finding outstanding genotypes and others with poor behavior in these parameters.

The best crosses to standard germination were involving the varieties of Jala, Pepitilla, Ancho pozolero and Tabloncillo landraces; in relation to the seed vigor in the best crossing involved the varieties Pepitilla, Ancho pozolero and Celaya.

In the most important crossing for thousand seed weight, intervened the parent Ancho pozolero. Additive genetic effects contribute in greater proportion than not additive effects. The specific crossing Tabloncillo by Pepitilla and Pepitilla by Tabloncillo showed adverse effects on female flowering and for male flowering were Tabloncillo by Bolita and Tabloncillo by Dulce.

Characterization of Fusarium species associated with rotting of corn root in Guanajuato, Mexico. Los resultados indican la presencia de F. En cuanto a patogenicidad, F. The present study characterized the diversity of Fusarium species associated with rotting of corn stalk in plots from the state of Guanajuato; pathogenicity tests were performed with the identified species.

Plants with an evident damage caused by this pathogen were collected from 15 municipalities during The species identified in , by means of microbiological tests and their pathogenicity, became evaluated as they were inoculated into thirteen race of maize accessions. The presence of F. Concerning pathogenicity, F. Mexico is considered as the center of origin and one of the centers of diversification of maize.

The diversity patterns of this species result from the constant interaction of different external and internal factors, which has led to generate new variability among populations or races, and to establish a continuum of this variability, generating different variants within a race. In this study, 88 populations of ten races of Mexican maize Bofo, Celaya, Coscomatepec, Dulce, Elotes Occidentales, Mushito, Palomero de Jalisco, Serrano de Jalisco, Tablilla de Ocho and Zamorano Amarillo were characterized using both morphological and SSR molecular markers with the aim of examining and understanding racial relationships and genetic diversity among and within populations.

Databases of each analysis morphological and molecular were combined to perform a simultaneous analysis and to elucidate in a more comprehensive racial relationships. From each analysis, it was possible to determine a continuum among the populations, determined by different aspects; in case of the morphological characterization the continuum is related to phenotypic aspects of each population forming racial groups that share similar morphological characteristics, especially with those characters slightly influenced by the environment.

On the other hand, the continuum detected with molecular markers, is related to geographic location. Genetic diversity is large, and it confirms racial relationships structured into complexes. Classifications and the study of diversity were better supported through the simultaneous use of characters of different nature analyzed in combination.

Zea mays L. However, water resources and energy can be competitive with the needs of the population and industry, especially in regions where limitations this vital liquid. So is necessary to use alternative irrigation leading to the rational use of water and reducing the use of energy to pump, with the development of research to materialize sustainable development projects.

Therefore, in this research work is to evaluate the hydraulic performance of porous capsules in terms of hydraulic conductivity under different loads pressure and suction in the interconnections between porous capsules intends to use commercial connectors irrigation for best performance and was designed subirrigation system with porous capsules, which assessed their performance in tezontle as substrate with different particle sizes. It was concluded that the hydraulic conductivity is not equal porous capsules when subjected to different loads of water column, therefore, the cost per capsule emitted is different.

Interconnections connectors proposals from commercial irrigation fulfilled their mission, since there were no leaks are, therefore, allowed the continuity of water subirrigation system. Knowing the hydraulic conductivity Ks of each capsule, carries out a proper design of a subirrigation system.

About the operation of subirrigation system in different particle sizes at least two, one with particle sizes equal to or smaller than 8 mesh, and the second particle with mesh sizes between 8 and 6 , no found a different behavior in the operation of the irrigation system.

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